When rendering your project, processing quality using the Blackmagic codec is full 16 bit, so you always get the advantage of uncompressed video. Share this post Tweet this! Loaded at system start, or via updater software. So maybe they removed that capability right before launch. This means that a simple 12 second game-play clip at p30 is going to eat up about 1. Has anyone had any luck using this w a video mixer? Not a big deal, not noticeable delay for any human.

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Pass through works smoothly with latency is so low that you could easily choose blackmabic capture and play straight through your PC set up of choice, if you wish.

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Loaded at system start, or via updater software. HDV only uses horizontal pixels due to the limitations of the small cassette tapes used and the FireWire transfer speeds build into the cameras. blackmagic intensity extreme

Intensity features the highest quality HDMI connections blackmagic intensity extreme are the worldwide standard for consumer digital video equipment. Amazingly, now we can jntensity this with a cheap ish laptop.

IBC BLACKMAGIC Intensity Extreme – hdmi via Thunderbolt | cinema5D

Stumble it Subscribe by RSS. This allows you to configure wherether or not you want to use the analog RCA Audio in, instead of using the blackmagic intensity extreme audio that comes through the HDMI cable. You get faster rendering of your streaming files and more real-time support. Share this post Tweet this! Still, carrying it around is a snap thanks to its pocket size and shape. You can even grab still frames directly from your deck and save them as blackmagic intensity extreme digital still images.


Now with Thunderbolt, the bandwidth is available to feed that content into our laptops.

IBC 2011: BLACKMAGIC Intensity Extreme – hdmi via Thunderbolt

With HDV, the compression is time-based, which tangles up the system CPU as the editing software reassembles the video just to display each frame of the video. Once again the lack of supplied cables and inability to capture p 60fps brings blackmagic intensity extreme downer to the occasion but this is still a great little device at a great little price.

July 9, at 7: Intensity features all the video connections you need to blackmagic intensity extreme to video cameras, set-top boxes, game consoles, large screen TVs and projectors. Basically, if you have a newer iPad 3, you have to buy a new Apple Digital AV Connector that was released since the iPad 3 intensify released. May 22, 2: Why the Intensity Extreme is blackmagic intensity extreme Solution to exreme Problems… All of these problems basically point to one solution: Intensity Extreme from Blackmagic Design is a bit editing solution blackmagic intensity extreme leverages the blazing-fast speed of a Mac’s Thunderbolt connection to provide capture and playback of standard- and high-definition video via analog and HDMI connections.

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Use Intensity Extreme for monitoring from your edit software for maximum real-time effects. Highest Quality Video Most consumer video cameras compress HD video to fit longer recordings on to tape and discs.

Blackmagic Intensity Extreme Specs – CNET

extremw It was likely p30, if I remember right. With Intensity you’re working in uncompressed, so all CPU time is free for real time effects blackmagic intensity extreme the system feels snappy and fast to use. February 2, at By Ben Rayner January 14, 9: There was no way to figure out which one you were going to get until the machine was in your hands. This generally results in blackmagic intensity extreme playback and capture, if your SSD or hard drives are fast enough.

Email Contact me Twitter Follow me! You could do it through the composite in connection in the breakout cable.

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. With HDV, blackmagic intensity extreme compression is time based which loads up the system CPU as the editing software reassembles the video just to display each frame in the video.

One potential solution to this problem is an application called Reflection.