For those of us being threatened with reduced rankings if our site is not mobile friendly here is google’s mobile test page. Palm Treo v Otto. And besides – see if we care! We just could not imagine naming a section Wii so we filed under Nintendo just to confuse everyone. Samsung Galaxy Tab Camera 3 mpx – 3x zoom , Music player MP3.

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String from Lisa Lee – thanks. A Nokia phone with an oldish version of Opera – makes sense since they are practically neighours – Opera Norway and Nokia Finland. Samsung Galaxy Tab This may be the same device caaptr below SCP cricket captr a200 usb in Incognito mode!

String from Miranda Miller – thanks. A Nokia phone with Xpress Music Browser. String from mArvin – thanks.

String from Kevin Frost – thanks. String from Nils Stolpe – thanks.

Tech Stuff – Mobile Browser ID (User-Agent) Strings

LG P Optimus Me. String from Edward Lenssen and Stan Levine – thanks. Netscape is dead – long live Netscape with cricket captr a200 usb shudders at the memory of NS 4. For those of us being threatened dricket reduced rankings if our site is not mobile friendly here is google’s mobile test page.


WebKit based browser on Nokia N85 under Symbian. String from Ron Silva – thanks. Cricket captr a200 usb, Lite and Blackberry versions available according to the website. NetFront browser on Ki. In this case the device type is missing from the string. Deep and meaningful string.

Mobile Browser ID Strings (a.k.a. User Agent ID)

Michael also writes that if you use about: A display x px, Camera 2 mpxvideo H. String from Sarah Cqptr – thanks.

Oh cricket captr a200 usb, perhaps this one didn’t work out so well. We had studiously avoided doing anything because it smelled, vaguely, of work. String from Thu Ya Win – thanks. All because of cricket captr a200 usb stupid revolving image that looked as if the phone was being thrown into a usbb. Acer Iconia Android base with default Chrome’ish browser. Older DoCoMo network with no normal html support. The title is our normal and puerile attempt at humor.

String from Dan Johnson – thanks. String from Matthew Justice – thanks.

Motorola MC rugged computer running Windows Mobile 6. String from Arif Mohammad – thanks.

String from Johnny Deydeq – thanks. String from Jan Steffen – thanks. String from Danny Armstrong – thanks. The Amazon read-it-on-your-screen book device. Seems you can do all kinds of things like talk to it, draw pictures of the things you cricket captr a200 usb to search for interesting possibilities cricket captr a200 usb the more imaginative and even have tabbed browsing.

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Nokia N Internet tablet v. String from Denny King – thanks. String from Kyle Reed – thanks. String from Johannes Poulsen – thanks. But that would make a boring title.

Doubtless there is perfectly sensible explanation for this behavior – it just as with most things happens to elude us. Just think about tabbed browsing on that. Safari on Nokia – funny one cricket captr a200 usb opens up to reveal a full keyboard. Nintendo Wii U using what looks like and inhouse WebKit based browser.

Section dedicated to keyboard lovers everywhere. Blackberry with version 4. Acer Iconia Android base with Opera browser. String from Becky Granger – thanks. The is for the US market, for Europe and for Us and the rest of the world.