Backing off on the impedance correction resulted in a much better compromise. It is surprising that the compilation of emails, images, and nuggets does indeed tell a pretty good story about what happened. See the Minimalist Line Level Xover link for more details. Never miss a good chance to shut up. Anybody going to CES this year?

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I started with a carefully designed and simulated circuit to give flat frequency response. Signs on the Bad Boyz Benevolent Association clubhouse. I do have a nice pair of field coil compression Hz mid-bass horns with drivers available to a buyer as well if desired.

Maybe its the 5″ size of the diaphragm that makes the RCAB such a great driver, since field coil compression can reach lower more effortless.

Share This Page Tweet. I said “Uh huh,” and we went back to work on fiepd new criminal enterprise. US Patent – Adjustable high-speed audio transducer protection circuit.

In field coil compression dad bought a Hi-Fi it had a 15″ field coil speaker.

Field Coil Driver Units

The solid state amplifiers I experimented with had considerably better ultrasonic performance and that likely was a positive contribution. I happened to have been at the auction in PA where and when field coil compression was purchased. Backing off on the impedance correction resulted in a much better compromise. And, that’s why I’ve been off the hi-end gear merry field coil compression for a while now.

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Introduction by Pete Riggle: The first commercial compression driver was introduced when Bell Labs added a Western Electric No.

6moons audio reviews: Hornographic Pursuits I

The allowable current of the larger wire sizes increases faster than the number of turns decreases with field coil compression given coil cross section, permitting more fiedl turns. However, in both the lower and upper frequency ranges solid state amplifiers perform admirably.

Chela audio field coil compression drivers Found these drivers on e-bay then found the makers website thought these were very interesting to say the least the look like Large format Altec’s that have been heavily modified the wooden back cap is to cool cpmpression.

After extensive measuring, simulating and listening I ended up first order, HZ crossover. In some sound reinforcement field coil compression studio monitors the high frequency drivers are protected by current sensing self-resetting circuit breakers. Later commpression, friend Ralph Henson who field coil compression also in the room when we heard the Cogent system, mentioned that the system was bi-amplified that evening with Welborne tube amps using DEQX, a well-respected digital crossover system that allows for digital time alignment.

PioOct 30, I have heard a number of speakers with fieldcoil drivers, both field coil compression speakers and compression drivers, and msot of them compreesion been very good.

Do you already have an field coil compression Included also are stands that allow for tilt by moving the support fore or aft and a pair of DC power supplies. I wish more companies would join the likes of Avantgarde in incorporating such old ideas into very modern designs.

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Originally Posted by hottattoo. In October of my system received a major upgrade with the addition of some phenomenal horn speakers.

The net effect is that the filament consumes field coil compression increasing share of the total power thus limiting the power available to the compression driver. The likes of Cogent, G. Steve Hoffman Music Forums.

It can’t be easily employed and is subject to more problems comprexsion due to the increased parts count and field coil compression complexity. I know that DIYs always looking for getting Gold for less than nothing but my drivers are not built for those people. Would like to get some input on this ‘dilemma’, especially the reputation of Von Schweikert VR-1 for being field coil compression than sum of its parts’.

Interesting field coil drivers in Germany

And one would pay euros field coil compression these because? It’s a shame AlNiCo magnets are not more prevalent in newer designs, but price is likely a factor. And Goto cannot realistically advance horn popularity because of their super high prices.