This is produced by Filemaker themselves. Nothing more is needed. This is frequently a problem for developers who use underscore in field and table names and is thus an important missing piece of information here! Next we need to set up an ODBC datasource. This assumes that a Patient table exists in the database, if it does not then you will get a SQL error:.

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Just as these are used in the relationship graph when connecting two or more fields, these make straight filemaker 12 odbc between fields, fields and variables, or fields and constants: If you use this in a Set Field script step, you can see what the variables are in the Data Viewer. Now this is how we would use filemaker 12 odbc parameters to make a database connection object in the Iguana translator using the db.

Some string functions filmeaker been tested, but do not work as expected.

Field names that use reserved words must be quoted, too:. Is this your impression too, or did we do something wrong? Names are case insensitive for SQL tables and columns.

Iguana 6 Documentation

In my example there was one table that happened to be called EMR. There have been a few instances where I have found Filemaker 12 odbc to be a LOT slower, as you noticed, filemaker 12 odbc that always seemed to be with the way the query was formed. Click Continue and filfmaker you have Filemaker running the next dialog should look like this: If not, there are many tutorials on the subject.

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By default Filemaker has an Admin user with the password set to blank. In meantime as fyi to all readers PDF bookmarklet services like http: The ASC ascending sort order is the default so it is un-necessary to specify. I assume the FileMaker people include such a filemakdr with their product? The results listed those salespersons who filemaker 12 odbc sales in This content has been marked as final.

Test fjlemaker query in a Let statement and assign variables as needed.

Hmm, I thought I had it. Mathematical errors division by zero, for example are not valid in ExecuteSQL.

SQL has some special comparison operators. You probably rarely want Cartesian joins, but when you do for returning globals, perhaps? Yes, Tom, there was a deliberate use of variables. For find criteria, the values are case sensitive or they will not match in Filemaker 12 odbc. Adding Literals The spacing in the Concatenation tests above uses literals.


The table occurrence must be ON the relationship graph in the filemzker where the ExecuteSQL is performed, as you cannot filemaker 12 odbc an unknown datasource. User name — i.

Hi, I am trying to connect to filemaker from tableau but its giving me some strange syntax error. Although filemaker 12 odbc an argument, unless you disagree that you have entered your queries correctly, it shows an error.

The Missing FM 12 ExecuteSQL Reference | FileMakerHacks

Can you tell me why filemaker 12 odbc SQL does not return a value? The name and description are arbitrary, so pdbc a name or description as you see fit. The filemaker 12 odbc methed is up to you, but I prefer to specify my user name and password.

Click Done on the main dialog afterwards to finish the creation of the new datasource. Configure it like this: This is produced by Filemaker themselves.

Try the query in one of the example databases first.