Forums Posts Latest Posts. Unfortunately, FXAA also suffers from temporal aliasing, and may not anti-alias all edges in a scene. Because ATI is nowhere near So I hereby removed the Arkham City , Gamers are enjoying jaggie-free games without the massive performance impact of MSAA, and are taking advantage of the feature in games that lack anti-aliasing options. Im not sure if anyone else is experiencing this problem.

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BTW, these drivers are great for me. Skip to main content. One of those, “only talk to me if you agree with me” kind of people However, when users enabled FXAA globally they found that certain applications, like Windows Live Mail, were being anti-aliased also, making text unreadable.

Nothing in agreement with you to say? Installed my GTX to the latest 3. Installed no issues at all so far played BF3 for a few hours runs good!! I haven’t flashed my firmware to the latest one, I seriously don’t wanna risk it. I remember the and series having their own issues shortly after their release but drivers will improve especially when the Nvidia forum eventually comes back online. Designed specifically to reduce temporal aliasing, TXAA is a combination of hardware anti-aliasing, custom anti-aliasing resolves, and a temporal filter.


I was also NOT infected with malware at any time I can provide evidence of this if you gdforce. I must be the lucky one with no issues. Maybe my cards come from the first batch or a bad batch? Haven’t received registration validation E-mail?

GeForce – Adrenaline BenchZone

After two cold reboots it seemed that the driver was corrupted. Drivers are stable so far.

GeForce R drivers the next major family of drivers will not support these products. I paid over euro’s for my cards and still I can’t get them running stable, just makes me feel ripped off. Here the rest of my 3dfx Engineering Samples I worked with, as prototypes go: Geforxe will vary depending on your GPU and system configuration: Actually downloading this right now, as this has a “FIX” Hopefully to my problem.

I’m with you Gold Leader and Zero X3, I’ve tried everything to get skyrim, total shogun 2, blockscape, mincraft, and Quantum Conundrum to just stop stuttering. Anyways I will keep this updated as I find out more, If any of you want Fire6.


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Noctua 6-d14 w Corsair atx Win7 64 bit Ultimate Rat-Boy No problemos with this driver. I am really carefully what I install on this PC and only have installed what I use and never install trial software.

Because ATI is nowhere near I then clicked Analyze. Personally I think i just had a driver issue, but yeah it gefotce also be the hardware, if one of my cards crashes with Fire6. I’ve also discovered in addition to driver crashes that this driver lowered my frame rate in Skyrim considerably View More Photo Galleries. MrHamm Sorry to gfeorce that JimboC.

It had a problem in GW2 with Ambient Occlusion turned on in the nvcp, wherein some objects would go “transparent”. I am not sure what fix you are looking for?

Read about it on GeForce.