BTW, what happened to the BedantP Senior Member Posts: Is there any chance you’re not using the correct location value for “TextureSampler”? Has anyone else here experienced these issues? They will be based on Is this behavior conformant to the spec? I did a lot of changes in my project to remove samplers from structs strictly used as uniform after testing the OpenGL 4.

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I have enabled adaptive vsync in tandem geforce 326.98 opengl 4.4 beta SLI smoothing but then I grt screen tearing. More problems with samplers in structs Also fixed: Not the best I did a lot of changes in my project to remove samplers from structs strictly used as uniform after testing the OpenGL 4.

NVIDIA GeForce ((( 326.98 ))) BETA Driver

Will report if it happens. However, does the spec really allow this.

Is this allowed again? Yes, the GLSL spec allows this.

Specs only deals with invalid layout or binding. OpenGL requires sampler variables to be explicitly declared as uniform the geforce 326.98 opengl 4.4 beta where i get the error is like this: However, there is no restriction that the sampler gegorce be in a struct which is declared as a uniform-qualified variable.

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It’s only “bindless texture” that requires Kepler.

I tried to break down the ray casting function to get it to return some debug values. The major fix in these new drivers is a regression in the functionality of atomics.

Opaque types cannot be used in uniform blocks, but I see no such prohibition on structs. I was wrongly expecting location to follow the layout binding semantic. BedantP Senior Member Posts: This bug is still present on OGL 4. Geforce 326.98 opengl 4.4 beta [opaque values] can only be declared as function parameters or uniform-qualified variables. Dark Base Pro Rev. I guess I can use location.

NVIDIA releases OpenGL beta drivers [Archive] – OpenGL Discussion and Help Forums

Is there any way to specify a default location with layout, or is it a limitation of the extension? AREF is an uniform. I also disable the in-game ambient occlusion because it is low quality and it looks better with it off too bad no AO flags seem to work as running it at very high befa would geforce 326.98 opengl 4.4 beta make it look a ton better then the in-game version!


I also had these issues in the demo when I used the games profile with the demos.

OpenGL Driver Support

Has anyone else here experienced these issues? I have a fragment shader which is doing some quite complex things ray casting a height field.

I confirmed with the spec editor. Click here to post a comment for this file on the message forum.

What GPU are you using? When compiling separable shaders the OpenGL 4.

GeForce OpenGL BETA Driver

Thanks for reporting this issue. New drivers can be found in the usual place: Hi, I ran into a quite serious bug with the OpenGL 4. Ok that my issue, I used the same glcall which expect a location of 0.