I can dis-assemble the laptop. I have tried to replace the DC jack, and it was successful for about 5 minutes. What is the full laptop model number? Does it work fine in Safe Mode? I am worried with components like heat sink , cooling assembly removed if it will cause any damage to the mother board. I came to the same conclusion that you did and decided to buy a backlight for testing.

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Thanks in advance for your help. Can you please help me diagnose what it would be and how I can fix the problem??? Moving wires did nothing but as I moved the screen the display would change. Also, when the AC adapter is plugged. I already checked all the cable connections and they seems ok…Could anyone help?

So, I plugged my laptop to that adapter my 3rd PAand everything works. My laptop is not switched on after pressing a power button using a battery and a charger. If I forgot to connect the audio board shown hp pavilion dv6810us xp the step 22 like you suggested, will this cause my onboard speakers not to work?

I need one for hp pavilion dv6810us xp HP It functioned for maybe 1 hour befor ethis happended. I have to try to open my laptop? If the adapter is not plugged in, the starts up okay. I have an ASUS notebook with the following problem: Apply some fresh solder on the hole, heat it up with the soldering gun and suck hp pavilion dv6810us xp the solder with the sucker.

Hello 1st sorry for my poor English and my spell mistake. I am going to try to replace the inverter. Yeh I did the same thing as Mike in post ….


Screen inverter board | Laptop Parts

Just blow air into hp pavilion dv6810us xp fan grill on the bottom until all dust is gone and test the laptop again. After that connect an external monitor and turn on the laptop. I get up and the screen is pitch black.

It is darkest at that spot and changing the screen brightness works every were except that spot.

Now though i cant desolder the power jack from the board. Where will I find it or what have I open on my laptop to do that? Also, if I do get the hp pavilion dv6810us xp lcd and it is defective can I at least use its lamp? Then I procedded to force boot the laptop because it would keep rebooting itself always trying to read something from said port.

So I know it is getting power. Just in case, test your laptop with video on the external monitor. I am currently opening the laptop up looking hp pavilion dv6810us xp any obvious broken hardware.

DC power jack repair guide

It will take you 10 minutes to fix with any luck. Paviliion you are confusing it with a hard drive LED? Can you suggest me if this is the issue of fl inverter board or the back light lamp or something else. Clear, concise, no BS! Can someone help me with my hp pavilion dv6810us xp problem? That means the backligth lamp and ivnerter work properly.

DC power jack repair guide | Laptop Repair

Hello, I am actually having pavliion exact same problems as Bobby. You can search for a new motherboard by the part number which could be found on a sticker in the memory compartment.

If video appears on the hp pavilion dv6810us xp monitor but not internal, check connection between the video cable and motherboard.


Pavilikn, If the screen lights up and you can see the image, there is no problem with the inverter board or backlight lamp. It will take a bit of solder but when you have it soldered you should hp pavilion dv6810us xp a smooth solder layer with the tips of three dv681u0s sticking out. Alan, Not sure what could be wrong.

Thanks for your support!! Just the thing I hate about HP laptops. When you press the Hp pavilion dv6810us xp button it comes on for less than 5 seconds and it cuts back off.

Disconnect the LCD screen cable from the motherboard. I cannot tell what is wrong without looking at the laptop.

It seems affected by moving the laptop or cord. Hp pavilion dv6810us xp a while, db6810us power switch stopped working.

This happens as soon as the BIOS screen appears and it stays hp pavilion dv6810us xp that even after windows loads up. All you have to do is remove one screw and pull the cv6810us out.

I swapped it with the cable for the quick play bar as a temporary fix and ordered in some new cables and in the process of doing that somehow managed to break the plastic piece that holds the cable in the connector for the quick play bar. Thanks for the info!