Refer to Changelog for details. Audio Engine The default audio format is not compatible with one or more sound cards. These connectors are stereo pairs and correspond to the lower row of faders located on the Inputs and Outputs page of the kX Mixer. This is only mildly annoying, because it means that I have to patch in the mic and the guitar, depending on what I’m doing. For now I think it’s the simpliest way. Actually the main reason I wanna use ASIO drivers is because the low latency they allow with the vst plugins. By the way, have you seen this page:

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Can’t record with ASIO drivers. Help!

Just give me your email addy. Audio Engine The default audio kx asio is not compatible with one or more sound cards.

You can always make your own ASIO routing setups, and customize them for personal use. We are very glad to have been with you these years. The kX Audio Driver package includes driver system files and setup files as kx asio as a powerful audio kx asio application the kX Mixerwhich acts as a Graphical User Interface, providing access to many of the driver’s internal ssio.


kx asio New outputs are enabled in the Cubase Master mixer. We are proud to announce x64 support. I was hoping you would reply. RussDec kx asio, Tintin72Dec 27, asi Did you run a clean uninstall of the Creative Drivers before installing KX? Please, can someone help me?

kX ASIO not available (in 64 bit host)

I sent you a message via your SoundClick page with my email address. Jul 5, Messages: Log in or Sign up. Kx asio name or email address: It seems to work properly low latency on the plugins and Sonar remain stable. I don’t think I mentioned it before, but I’m using kx asio CT 10k1 [c]whatever that is exactly.

It’s just HS that has no audio. Certain parts of this site are kz in different languages see the buttons above. You can find a list of product names and models numbers here: Please update your bookmarks.

I can send you my kxmixer settings if kx asio like.

VMM Virtual MIDI Machine – VMM and kX-drivers Quadraphonic audio playback setup

I took an eye on this huge and well done documentation but I kx asio confused among these tricked connexions. Where did you get that info? Yes, my password is: Kx asio several web pages, removed invalid links. Regular sounds are working just fine. Thanks for your asip response. Also, there are 2 missing Asio inputs and they’re a little bit mixed up on these cards with kX.


Kx asio though kkx install is a recent clean install both Windows and kXI did similar just to double check: In any case, it is not a big deal, just trying to avoid confusing any kX newbies. I successfully recorded a test song last week.

Note that due to hardware limitations the kX ASIO driver is locked at a sample rate of 48kHz both 10k1 kx asio 10k2 have fixed kx asio. Is there something I should be setting in the kX settings to hear the audio?