We didn’t like that you had to remove the battery cover in order to add the module. More Cell Phone Reviews: Otherwise you can also perform Restore the Phone by doing this step by step instructions: The Vers also accepts handwriting recognition or gesture control for entering phone numbers and typing. A for fast data, voice dialing no tags required , an HTML web browser, a 2.

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LG Versa Manual VX Quick Start Guide for Verizon | BoeBoer

Indoor shots aren’t hugely noisy but bright outdoor shots tend to overexposure. The lg versa vx9600 recognition works like the graffiti method–just write as you normally would and it will convert og scribbling into text.

The camera’s autofocus is terribly slow, causing a 2. A for high speed data with fallback to 1xRTT.

VX9600 Support

There are dedicated alias. Still, we do not know the answers.

You can have different wallpaper for each home screen as well. The display has haptic vibration feedback and an accelerometer that rotates the display when you turn the phone.

The Versa is higher resolution at x vs. And it’s got a fun interface. The Bad The LG Versa suffers from a poor Web-browsing experience, and the screen can vera sometimes unresponsive in certain applications. Not all mobile plans are created equal. The Versa is about an inch thicker with the module attached and is about half an ounce heavier.


Retrieved from ” https: Battery life, at about five and a half hours of talk time, lg versa vx9600 bad. The Versa’s small stylus, also clad in leather. Camera has a long autofocus delay. Full keyboard Display Lh size: Unfortunately, the frame rate is poor when playing FLV desktop youtube videos– around fps. You can see the image above to make sure what we mean about this.

After connecting with a USB cable, Lg versa vx9600 was able to vx9600 decent speeds of about kilobits per second lg versa vx9600 and Kbps up. There was a lot of in-ear feedback of my own voice, which I didn’t mind, but probably some people will find it too much.

Gadget Leak: LG Versa VX9600 Modular Keyboard Confirmed, Price and Additional Specs Spill Out

Unique and highly functional design, good call quality, excellent lg versa vx9600, some Flash support thanks to Flash Lite 3. Call quality is good and reception is very good; making this an easy phone to recommend.

Pros Unique removable-keyboard design.

LG Versa VX User Manual Verizon Wireless Spanish English Quick Start Guide n Datasheet Specifications PDF Download Verss for the picture that we attached below it is represent the tutorial on getting started with the Versa such as how you can open the back cover casing, installing or removing the microSD external memory Card, inserting, assembling and replacing the battery lg versa vx9600 how you can charge the battery properly.


As a media player, the Versa has lg versa vx9600 software and hardware problems.

LG Versa VX (Verizon Wireless) |

It uses OLED with x 56 pixels resolution at 0. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Another tutorial such as how you can pairing the bluetooth, learning to set the alarm and change the time alarm or stop the alarm, finding you contact, capture the moment with 2MP camera, using VZ Navigator and lean how to user Lg versa vx9600 prompted turn by turn direction wit auto rerouting, playing the music or watch the video, setting the sound and ring tones, and more.

That’s a little slower lg versa vx9600 a versaa USB modem, but not too bad.

This slim, disk-shaped charger works with most phones and offers rapid power-ups. This cousin of the Dare adds a unique detachable keyboard with external display, at the expense of a 3.

Slide a release lever to remove the standard cell phone back and attach the keyboard cover. If you want more boom for the lg versa vx9600, the Harman Kardon is an enticing alternative to an Echo.