To find the pcmcia IDs you can “lspcmcia -v” in pcmciautils. The behavior is exactly the same. Initially my wireless interface did not show up at all. I have time to do testing if anyone can explain what I need to do. Unless the users know about this bug, they’ll probably assume Ubuntu no longer supports it.

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If I boot my laptop with the wireless pcmcia card inserted then it hard locks the machine about half way through the boot process.

This doesn’t appear to me to be fixed entirely. Another side note that should probably go to an extra bug report: My wifi ;rism2 worked well with the hostap drivers in dapper.

This bug means that no prism2 or similar devices will work out of the box, despite there being perfectly good drivers in the kernel, and are even loaded into memory. BUT instead of installing priam2 whole kernel I just compiled the version number was different – linux-image- 2.

Matthew Garrett mjg59 on The Cosmic Cuttlefish current stable release Set upstream link.

linux-wlan-ng package in Ubuntu

I then removed all pcmcia related modules, inserted the wireless card and modprobe’d each pcmcia related module in turn to determine which was causing problems.


In the options file in modprobe. I don’t know at which point it was fixed, since it worked as soon ,inux I finished the upgrade and rebooted. Surely after such a linhx of time the launchpad janitor should be closing these old bugs due to dis-interest? I have succeeded in writing a patch using diff but realised afterwards that I had done it on the already patched ubuntu linux-source package from the repositories. The Disco Dingo active development Set upstream link.

prism2 usb

I upgraded to edgy, and the card didn’t work at all. The external releases are only for older kernel versions and all the future development will be in the main kernel tree. It thinks it can handle my hardware, but it can’t. Backup the original first before you copy it over! Later posts regard hostap pci drivers which seem to work sometimes? Re-implement lost dapper patch for y-only axis swapping.

Pascal Vincent pvincent00 wrote on Any news on this front? Some features might also require latest beta version.

Some quick googling revealed: Is the pursuit of fixing this bug futile or pointless now? My orinoco gold pcmcia card stopped working.


OrinocoMonitorMode – Ubuntu Wiki

The Precise Pangolin supported. Duplicates of this bug Bug Bug I observed a similar behavior after upgrading my ThinkPad from edgy to feisty: So please make sure you have got a prism based card with this ID and send the pccardctl ident output to the linux-pcmcia list so the appropriate rpism2 based matches get extended.

It would be awesome if my prism card can work again for Feisty i don’t want to stay in linyx. If i load it “manually” with sudo modprobe hostap-cs, it is loaded but doesn’t see my pcmcia card see [syslog edgy]. You can also search for other untrusted versions of ‘linux-wlan-ng’. Does any one know if the solution is as simple as Nuku suggests above? I dunno if this is of relevance, but my WIFI were previously “eth0” and now is “wlan0” but recognised as a wired interface.

I dunno if lijux is the same problem as bugbut maybe.