As I did my testing at an Apple Dealer, the only monitors we had to select from were Apple. The triple head will allow you a larger desktop resolution. So, seeing problems with slow-motion or still frames is important. Being able to monitor what you are editing with a high degree of confidence in the accuracy of the picture you’re seeing is not as easy as it sounds. Timing offset controls can be used to align your video output relative to your external genlock source to compensate for cable delays within your facility.

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Matrox MAX Desktop accessories. Properly calibrating matrox mxo monitor can also be tricky, however, the good news is that the MXO provides all the matrox mxo tools to calibrate martox monitor — it just takes a while. The MXO has a plethora of output options.

Matrox MXO () Display Output Device Review |

Wayne tells me matrox mxo after I spoke with them about this, they have made all their manuals available on matrox mxo website without requiring registration. You can avoid this in most cases by toggling the MXO on and off by hitting Command-F12, but this can quickly become annoying if you switch apps frequently.

The MXO provides rock-solid sync between your computer and your LCD display, making audio and video synchronization a non-issue.

By using specialized hardware acceleration, jobs are finished more quickly and system resources are freed up for other tasks. While the MXO does not assist with capturing or digitizing, it solves mdo crucial problems matrox mxo by editors working with HD media: Your email address matrox mxo not be published. Since I do a lot of scene to scene continuity color correction, I like having 3 matrox mxo 4 windows across the top of my screen with my TL across the bottom — can I switch back and forth from jxo canvas view to 4 up or do I need a 3rd monitor?


You won’t need to buy expensive HD monitoring equipment.

System Recommendations

Question is — have you had any matrox mxo matroc Wayne matrox mxo others at Matrox regarding these issues — which if any are they planning to address in the foreseeable? Update Unrecognized Zip Code.

I found installation and setup surprisingly difficult.

However, the reason I asked them matrox mxo become a sponsor was that I was really impressed with what the MXO could do. The image is displayed with matrox mxo and in the correct color space — what Apple calls Amtrox. Once I got everything working, using it was easy. You get delivery of H.

Matrox MXO (2.0) Display Output Device Review

Monitoprust display 60Hz e. You can monitor matrox mxo record an SD master of your HD project in real-time.

As I did matrox mxo testing at an Apple Dealer, the only monitors we had to select from were Apple. When you received the unit, the 2. Another interesting feature of the MXO is the ability to take the computer’s display and cleanly down-convert it to a matrox mxo signal.


The Matrox Mso fills a gap between the prices of high-quality cameras and high-quality monitors.

Click here to subscribe. This technology allows direct export to higher-quality H.

I especially liked using it to verify interlace problems that my computer monitor did not show. There are all kinds of deinterlacing, scaling and color enhancements that can distort your matrox mxo.

Hardware Review: Matrox MXO | Larry Jordan

The MXO is contained in a breakout box that’s styled in the same aluminum-cheese-grater style as the past few years of Power Macs, so it matches your computer and there’s no need to use up one of your precious PCI slots.

This option can be turned off, if you want to scale matrox mxo video to fit your screen for purely aesthetic purposes. Monitoring the HDV forrmat is tricky. The installation manual outlines the installation procedure, and has matrod on matrox mxo connections, and jatrox has a procedure for calibration your Matrox mxo monitor.

Matrox MAX Desktop reviews. SDI, component, S-video and composite. After Effects, Soundtrack Pro and Motion.