D I think I got this one and it’s severed my pretty well. I had lots of issues with it. How do you get offline mode to work? Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Link. Tried installing motioninjoy on my laptop and all I would get is a white page, and nothing would load. Oct 6, 2, 3

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This on the other hand worked perfectly in seconds.

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I’ve been using it out of necessity, but I really hate it. Let it start up completely; wait for Windows to do its startup thing, and let your hard drive read and write all the shit it needs to get done.

It works just as well as on a PS3, plug in, wait a second, and it works. I was using it like 30 min ago D: When I had MotionInJoy, it never opened my web browser Just make sure your controller is unplugged until step 9. You must log in or register to reply here.


Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. Wot 18, 35, 0 0 Milky Way mogionjoy. Having the same problem.

I’m confused because in the requirements he mentions if using bluetoothlike it’s optional. I’m really surprised Sony didn’t make it natively recognized in Windows. Log in or sign up in seconds.

Can’t really go wrong with anything on the top half motionojy this chart. My computer froze however right after it recognized the controller.

Using Sixaxis on your PC? Stay away from MotionInJoy

Nov 21, 1, 0 0 PA. Thing was built like a tank though. The drivers part were the only thing that really wot me, and even then I just uninstalled the current drivers and ran a CD with my drivers on it and that fixed it. Doesn’t it send info to china because the people who made the driver are from china? It never worked while it was loa and when I wanted to remove it I damn near couldn’t.

It’s ugly but has worked flawlessly for me. If you have any passwords saved on that PC change them immediately from a different source. Diebuster Member Jan 26, TV – Vue – Share Play. Aug 17, 0 0.


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After all these years, motoinjoy PS3 controller finally works almost as well on Windows as it does on Linux: For whatever reason, it wouldn’t work unless I clicked force install even on Windows 8. I am not a smart man. I tried running motioninjoy on my laptop, but I didn’t get a white screen, it actually loaded motioninjoy.

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Been using it for years with no problems. I haven’t seen any ads or had any of this happen to me.

Chesskid1 Banned Jan 26, Maybe I can finally play Skyrim. Same, I haven’t had it talk to China or throw chinese ads at me or anything like that. I wish I hadn’t.