I’ll try updating the BIOS, and report back. Once again, thank you for helping me in the past and present, good TSF members. At this point, I’ve spent enough time that I’m just gonna buy a cheapo sound card and forget about it. Here is MSI’s page listing drivers for your mainboard: This side of the moon Local time:

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But this time apparently not, and I continue to have the red-X’d-speaker in the system tray. Or something along those lines.

Sound was working perfectly up until last week when I formatted the computer and reinstalled Windows. This side of the moon Local time: While wrestling with this problem, I’ve come across the “error ” problem, which I’ve eventually gotten around? If you download and attempt to install the wrong BIOS bin file or something else goes wrong you will have a msu paper weight. In theory either of ms bundles should have contained appropriate drivers, as that seems to be the going custom.

It bugs me also!

MS Motherboard & Windows 7

Originally Posted by MOK The audo now is Posted 25 January – Despite all the combinations of actions I’ve gone through, in addition to an extra reformat and OS install, I continue to have no playback devices listed within the “Sound” section of the control panel.


Thank you for responding. I’ve forgotten my password. Thanks for catching me.

Here is MSI’s page listing drivers for your mainboard: But it’s hard to be sure. In the control panel, under the ‘Sound’ selection, it says that no audio output device is installed.

Installing the audio driver – MSI RS482M4-CSIP User Manual

Thank you in advance! Sorry to sound like many others, but hopefully you can appreciate everyone’s setup is different. It’s been too long – I’ve gotten impulsive and rusty.

I’ll close this thread then and good luck with the new card. After each round of installation there are two relevant aduio Hey there, Thanks in advance for reading, or even attempting to help. Posted 05 September – I’ve attempted to use a Catalyst bundle that ATI offered for the motherboard’s chipset.

At one time, my job used to be troubleshooting pc’s, but I’ve audoo wrestling with this for about 14 total hours without success. Tried all of the VIA downloads.


No Audio Device

Windows Vista Ultimate 64 sp1. It’s on the link oldf rt gave Used the Live Update tool, didn’t get anywhere.

So I suppose my final take on this is that Windows is ignoring the drivers I install, and opting to use their own, since there’s been no reference to Realtek. I’ve found that link and attempted to use those drivers the other day, though I’d forgotten by the time I posted on TSF.

You currently have javascript disabled. So we can consider this topic closed, although it bugs me that I could not solve this problem. Posted 24 January – At this point, I’ve spent enough time that I’m just gonna buy a cheapo sound card and forget about it. These are the entries that show up after I’ve swept out old drivers in safemode, un-install, run the driver installers any of the packages I’ve triedand reboot.