Yes And the Asus eee PC 16G, pegged at Php 29, has the following specs speculation on the part of the retailer, as Asus has not made an official announcement: Whether I will get a laptop or not remains to be seen. Not sure about a Philippine release date. Two models have been announced: How mobile would you like to be? Another friend told me Acer is OK.

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I think it is ridiculously priced. I have to think of my options first. I am not sure if the workaround will work, since Ubuntu and Debian-based Linux is needed.

A 4GB flash drive-version is also listed at Amazon.

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Intel MHz Disk capacity: Prices are current as of this posting, subject to change without prior notice. Both machines are Celeron-powered. The service will also be made available to yet-to-be-announced portable devices.

The exercise had progressed to the point that I have several candidate-laptops in mind. The price of the OS is not factored in yet. In the previous postI talked about my plans on getting a laptop, and the horrendous headache that shopping can give.


I listed down those laptops whose price I am comfortable with — if I can comfortably pay for the monthly installment without seeing myself going bankrupt in case Gloria Arroyo finally managed not to mask the true state of the economy.

MSI Laptop Batteries from Canada.

What are your Internet connectivity options? Sure, under WinXP, it heats up, too, but for laidback use like Web browsing and music, the heat is minimal.

Its appeal wla on its size and price. There are loads of things to consider when getting a laptop. Yes, answering a lot of questions is hard mrgabook, and when you have answered all of them, looking for the specific laptop that fits your needs is harder.

And the Asus eee PC 16G, pegged at Php 29, has the following specs speculation on the part of the retailer, as Asus has not made an official announcement:. Now, if only we msl Black Fridays here… Share this: Now if only the price in the Philippines is not as ridiculous as it is now. It got the appelation blue due to the the distinctive shade of the shell, and kegabook fact that it sports Blu-Ray drives.

HP has released today its competing product to Asus eee PC. The major consideration was the processor. Also, I checked if enough support exists for the laptop for example, driver downloads. Also, I learned that shopping can give you a tremendous headache. So, before you buy a laptop, assess first your needs. Yes I think it is ridiculously priced.


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Lastly, the list is trimmed mrgabook according to price. Amazon lists the following specs: Yeah, Pioneer is targeting cable providers and Apple. Shopping for a laptop, 3 or how getting one can screw you up Shopping for a laptop, 2 Shopping for a laptop Share this: Intel Celeron M 1.

So, as of now, I will not be getting an Asus eee PC. You may also want to visit MyProductAdvisor.

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Not sure about a Philippine release date. What have I learned from the experience? Intel Core2 Duo T 1.