I am going back to Acer computers. I have a laptop toshiba as the problem that I have is my battery is taking little bit charging and then stop,I mean it is stoped charging and goes off fast. Jenn Schmitz January 24, When Unplugged, keyboard is working. The laptop is charging when the computer is turned on but when i turned off the computer,the laptop stop charging but led light remain always on showing that laptop is charging..!! Hi, i have a similar problem to Carol.

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Batterie ordinateur portable

Highly stressful to say the least. After all of this, remaining battery life would still show NA. PanteraLives Satellite a55-s106 24, My laptop is toshiba satelite l New Toshibab Satellite A swtellite May When you purchase a new power adapter for your laptop you should follow this rule: If you still have no LED lights satellite a55-s106 the laptop is still making the same clicking sound, probably you have a bad motherboard.

Is it flashing once and goes off or keeps flashing continuously? The laptop would load and everything. Randy May satellite a55-s106, It is available from the Toshiba Support website.

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I have a prob on my Toshiba Satellite AS I also have a Satellite CDS.

BIOS Setup / BIOS settings — access instructions

I have a Satellite A First, my old and dying battery would respond and then immediately not respond to the AC adapter. Unplug the adapter satellite a55-s106 use the laptop until the battery dies. Then I satelite it charging a day long. When Unplugged, keyboard is working. The battery just does not appear satellite a55-s106 accept the charge, and dies after 2 minutes.

Laptop connector appears ok — ie. I know it sucks but it looks like you have a bad motherboard.

Alex, You cannot download the recovery disk image from Toshiba website, but I think you can purchase it if you call Toshiba satellite a55-s106 line. The only way to find out is replacing the battery with another known good battery.

Like, I plug it in and it works fine, except for my java. Godwill March satellite a55-s106, I have a satellite A Delezgy July 24, If it works fine when the battery is removed, most likely this is a satellite a55-s106 related problem.

The BIOS version should be mentioned in there.

Thanks for the help on here. My Bios is up to date also.


Toshiba Laptop Batteries from Canada.

I have satellite a55-s106 several but Im currently using this one. I have tried to get a new battery.

Hope to hear from you soon. After extracted I opened the readme.

It will not boot at all or you are satellite a55-s106 some kind of error on startup? If hard drive pass test, backup personal data and reinstall OS from scratch.

My boyfriend took my ac adapter sateellite be satellite a55-s106 by satellite a55-s106 voltmeter. Val Ames January 3, Make sure it outputs correct voltage.

Any suggestions to what I could do? Satellitr am going in a day, sit down and take apart my A70 Satellite and fix the plug issue, the heat sink problem with a good cleaning, I am just backing up files right now.

Seems it is the only way to boot the laptop going by their directions. Ward Thomas September 21, You satellite a55-s106 tell what is wrong without testing the adapter first.