You must be logged in to post a comment. Separate the top and bottom parts of the PCU. Turn on the main power switch, and close the front door. Make sure that all of the holes and tabs on are engaged at [A], [B], and [C]. Therefore, I recommend installing the new drum unit in the machine right before you put the two halves back together. If you replaced PCU components: Open and close the door two more times.

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Open and close the door two more times. Remove 9303 front stud savin 9033. Remove some toner from the edge of the old blade with your finger, and apply it evenly along the full length of the new blade.

savin 9033 Press and Hold the C key. Then push down to lock the tabs on the front and rear end of the PCU.

Remove the rear savin 9033 [B] x3, Coupling x1. Turn 99033 gears [G] to remove the developer from the bottom half.


Replace the charge roller [E].

Replace the cleaning blade [A] x2 Reinstallation: Remove the roller assembly [D] Springs x2, Arms x2, Rollers x2 6. If you replaced Savin 9033 components: Hold the pawl [A] by its sides, 903 it down and slowly twist it away from savin 9033 PCU. Replace the cleaning roller [F]. If the holes are not aligned savin 9033, make sure that the tabs at the front, rear, and left side of the PCU are engaged correctly.

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Remove the rear shoulder screw [B] x1. The drum savin 9033 is photo conductive. Attach the side screw [G]. Attach the front frame pawls and front and rear [A].

Follow the cautions below when handling a PCU. Photoconductor Unit PCU 1. Do not spill developer on the savin 9033 or sponges. Make sure that all of the holes and tabs on are engaged at [A], [B], and [C]. Assemble the Savin 9033 and install it in the machine.

The total rotation time is 30 seconds. Assemble the development unit. Remove the bottom part [D]. These savin 9033 must be at equal intervals.


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Make sure that the head of the stud is put in the correct position. To prevent toner leakage, never loosen or remove the screws shown in the illustration below. Savin savin 9033, Cleaning Blade Replacement 1. Press the Reset Yellow key 3.

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Remove the front screw savin 9033 x1 5. While savin 9033 to turn the black 9033, slowly move the pack left and right and pour the remaining half of the developer over the augur until the developer is level. Continue to rotate the black gear until the developer is level. SavinPick-off Pawls Replacement 1. Replace the drum [E] White clip x1 [F].