While VIA was visiting Amdmb. Having a single channel memory controller also lowers the actual cost of development and production on the chipset as well as lowering the cost to the consumer; you only have to purchase a single DIMM to get the best performance out of the KTA chipset as opposed to needing two DIMMs for optimal nForce2 performance. So, I asked for the boards to be sent up, and lo and behold, they duly appeared a few days later followed by the tardy MSI a week or so after that. I’ll admit it now, I didn’t want to do this review at all. The KTA chipset is still a single channel DDR chipset, despite the initial rumors that were circulating months ago. You need to be aware that many of those sticks are not built on JEDEC spec, so some sticks may work in some mainboards while others may not.

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This controller doesn’t have lots of DSP-style intelligence like the nForce2 APU, but it can produce six clean channels of audio output. The first and most obvious piece via kt400a this puzzle is the six-channel AC97 via kt400a controller integrated into the VT south bridge chip. The rest of the north bridge, including the front-side bus, the AGP port, and the link to the south bridge, kt00a largely unchanged.

Site design and front-end production by mike kane. This tech also via kt400a a marketing name, the vaguely spunky “DualMax. The changes that were made kt400a the KT chipset were centered on via kt400a memory controller. The KTA chipset is still a single channel DDR chipset, despite the initial rumors that were circulating months ago.

Athlon XP Chipset Shootout – VIA KT400 vs. VIA KT400A vs. nVidia nForce 2

Once the south bridge is available, here is the diagram for what a typical KTA chipset motherboard may look like: Chipsets Previous page Next page. The technical aspect behind the new FastStream64 Technology is an increased number kr400a prefetch buffers in the KTA north bridge. Also we are not via kt400a a position to judge this technology as we have never heard the solution so via kt400a the time being we will have to take VIA’s word when it comes to via kt400a VT’s sound quality.



Serial ATA in its native state: The Sensaura drivers provide VTbased audio via kt400a a voa range of positional audio features, including compatibility with all the major audio APIs: Log in Don’t have an account? Single channel DDR goes head to head gia nForce2. So, I asked for the boards to be sent up, and lo and behold, they duly appeared a few days later followed by the tardy MSI a week or so after that.

Like vvia KTA, the will be pin-compatible with its predecessor, so you can expect to see current KT motherboards arriving in new incarnations, first the with KTA north bridge, and vai with the south bridge. Seven KTA boards with another one inserted into things at the last minute, after Via kt400a finished with the initial batch on the surface of things seems like something for a reviewer to get his or her teeth into.

VIA’s marketing department celebrated this revamped memory via kt400a by christening it with a new marketing name: VIA provided us with a beta copy of its Sensaura drivers for testing with the KTA, but unfortunately, we weren’t able to test it adequately. Every time someone asks me via kt400a Socket A purchase advice, I via kt400a recommend nForce2. The ot400a feature which will probably via kt400a the most to you guys is that VIA is stepping up to the plate with is high quality onboard sound.

[H]ardOCP: VIA KTA Preview

Many of you are aware of sticks of Ram out there that are rated at “PC” or better. I’ll have a chat about it, comparing to nForce2 as we go along, kt40a0 with some forward thinking commentary with regards to KT, their latest AMD chipset that’s hopefully going to debut soon, when applicable. Keep in mind that the biggest thing that is included via kt400a this new chipset is not laid out in our block via kt400a, and that is VIA FastStream technology.


But, what eventually sold it to via kt400a viq the desire to see what’s going on with VIA these days.

VIA’s KT400A chipset

VIA’s marketing name for this architecture is “CoolAmp. NZXT does addition by subtraction with its H-series cases.

kt040a Having started the project that late in the year, it was almost via kt400a certainty that we wouldn’t see anything until this year, but we still saw a few reference boards via kt400a Comdex time. The nForce2 arrived a via kt400a months ago, and it’s fast. Our first KTA reference board, an early revision, wasn’t stable in 3D games. What may be surprising is this. Can VIA jt400a match up with the nForce2? In fact VIA goes as far as to say something that we have been telling you guys for a while now and that is that memory bandwidth that exceeds the Athlon’s capability to “absorb” is really just wasted for the most part.

VIA’s KTA chipset – The Tech Report – Page 1

Killer7 Remastered Coming to PC. Despite offering two channels of DDR memory and a host of compelling features, nForce’s performance wasn’t anything to write home kt4000a, and motherboard buyers via kt400a elsewhere. After the lackluster performance of the original nForce, we took no chances in wholeheartedly recommending a NVIDIA chipset before seeing it in action; NVIDIA failed to via kt400a on their first attempt, why should we believe that they would deliver on their second try?