A commonly used utility, under Windows NT and , for configuring networks with static IP addresses. The screen you see may vary slightly from the one shown in Figure If the computers on the wireless network need to be accessed by a wired network or need to share a peripheral, such as a printer, with the wired network computers, the wireless network should be set up in infrastructure mode. Click the Next button. The SSID must be identical for all devices in the network.

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Because the wusb12 is tethered to the Wusb12 port via the wusn12 cable, you don’t need to worry wusb12 about clearance for your notebook or desktop PC when it’s installed.

Click the radio button next to Install the software automatically Recommended. A commonly used utility, under Windows NT andfor configuring networks with static IP addresses.

Linksys WUSB12 Wireless Adapter

Default Gateway – The router wusb12 to forward all traffic that is not addressed to a station within the wusb12 subnet. In order to keep our ratings fair and accurate, it’s wusb12 necessary to downgrade the ratings of older products relative to those of newer products.

The ad-hoc wireless network will not communicate with any wired network.

And, wusb12 course, communication between the wireless-equipped computers is limited by the distance and interference directly between them. The Wusb12 Hot-swappable; small; quick and easy to install; great folding miniantenna.

Linksys WUSB12 wireless compact USB adapter Specs – CNET

Site Information Network Type – Wusb12 wireless mode currently in use. It is designed to trade off bandwidth efficiency for reliability, integrity, and security. Passphrase – This passphrase must match the passphrase of your wireless network. Be respectful, keep it clean wusb1 wusb12 on topic. Note the two Wusb12 icons marking the ports.


wusb12 Roaming – Wusb12 an infrastructure mode wireless network, this refers to the ability wusb12 move out of one access point’s range and into another and transparently reassociate and reauthenticate to the wusb12 wsb12 point. Important for Windows XP users: If these products prove defective during this warranty period, call Linksys Technical Support wusb12 order to obtain a Return Authorization Number.

Click the Back button to wussb12 the settings and return to the Profile – Basic Setting screen.

If you select bit or wusb112 WEP, you have wusb12 choices. Wireless Network Status State – The status of wusb12 wireless network connection. Wusb12, USB supports hot-swapping, wusb12 insertion or removal of devices while the computer is turned on. On the Profiles screen, click the New button to create a new profile. It is case-sensitive and must not exceed 32 characters use any of the characters on the keyboard.

Click the OK button to complete the network connection and return wusb12 the Site Survey screen, or click the Cancel button to cancel the network connection and return to the Wusb12 Survey screen. Please direct all inquiries to: The Setup Wizard should run automatically, and Figure should appear. The Security Setting screen will appear next.

IP Address – In the most widely installed level uwsb12 the Internet Protocol IP today, wusb12 IP address is a binary digit number that identifies each sender or receiver of wueb12 that is sent in packet wusb12 the Internet. What is infrastructure mode? Linksys wusb12 a three-foot USB extension cable in case your USB port is not in an accessible location, but we wish it were a bit longer so that wusb12 could stretch easily from an under-the-desk PC or navigate a particularly wudb12 office setup.


The Setup Wizard will ask you to choose a wireless mode. At the other end, the wusb12 can see the IP address of the Web page requester or the e-mail wusb12 and can respond by sending another message using the IP address wusb12 received. Figure The Link Information screen will appear, displaying the settings for your current wireless connection.

Click Activate new settings later to keep the current wush12 wusb12 and wusb12 to the Profiles wusb12. Discussion threads can be wusb12 at any time at our discretion.

WUSB12 Wireless USB Adapter User Manual wusb12 User Cisco-Linksys, LLC

wusb12 The SSID must be wusn12 for all devices in the network. Wireless Compact USB Adapter Plug-and-Play – The ability of a computer system to configure expansion boards and other devices automatically without requiring the wusb12 to turn off the system during installation. Even if wusb12 or more bits in the chip are damaged during transmission, statistical techniques embedded in the receiver can wusb12 the original data without wusb12 need for retransmission.