Select only drivers that don’t need compile-time external firmware. Initramfs source file s. IPMI top-level message handler. Connection mark tracking support. Automatically append version information to the version string. Preempt The Big Kernel Lock. Kernel automounter version 4 support also supports v3.

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Transformation sub policy support. Preempt Aiptek t 8000u Big Kernel Lock. Ext3 journalling file system support. Network console logging support. PlayStation 2 Trance Vibrator driver support. Use full SLAB allocator. Root Port Advanced Error Reporting support. Disable watchdog shutdown on close.

Enable seccomp to safely compute untrusted bytecode. USB Diamond Rio support.

Make CPU Idle calls when idle. Connection mark tracking y. Compile the kernel with frame unwind information. Inotify file change notification support. Allow mmap of HPET. Quota format v2 support. Adaptec AIC79xx U support. Power Management Timer Support. Second extended fs support. Inotify support for userspace. Texas Instruments parallel link cable support. Set aiptek t 8000u time from RTC on startup. Load aiptsk Alternate Configuration File.

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PPP point-to-point protocol support. Source checksum for all modules. Parallel port keyboard adapter. Enable access aiptek t 8000u retention support. Default codepage for FAT.

I2C Bus debugging messages. Intermediate Functional Block support.

CardBus yenta-compatible bridge support. ROM file system support. HugeTLB file system support. UDF file system support.

Linux内核配置选项 (经典学习) – CSDN博客

Support for Large Block Devices. Plug and Play support.

Show timing information on printks. CPU frequency translation statistics details.

Enable kernel irq balancing. Video mode selection support. PLIP parallel port support. IrDA infrared subsystem support.

Linux内核配置选项 (经典学习)

Free buffers for data gathering. Console display driver support. IP range match support. Force enable legacy 2. Initial aiptek t 8000u reset delay in milli-seconds. Enforce USB bandwidth allocation. Preemptible Kernel Low-Latency Desktop. Layer 3 Independent Connection tracking.

Local version – append to kernel release. Relaxed speedstep capability checks. Physical address where the kernel is loaded.