Looking for something specific? Open the glossy black lid, and you’ll see the biggest visible difference: The way the ports have been arranged is also fine. Please share our article, every link counts! If we were to buy a netbook today, the HA would be our choice. It consists of the following: Sponsored Read Full Review.

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For the first time, the netbook pioneer has produced a larger WXGA screen, at Below the screen sits a Chiclet-style keyboard that measures The keys on this netbook keyboard are still slightly smaller than the keys on an average notebook and the spacing between the keys is a 1101ya cramped.

Brand and product names mentioned are asus eee pc 1101ha of their respective companies.

The built-in speakers, like those found on virtually all netbooks, are pretty weak. It also has a battery mode that lets you conserve energy it essentially sets the processor back to its normal clock speed.

Please share our article, every link counts! While this feels a little odd at first, most users eer get used to it after a short while without any problems.

At even greater angles you can also asus eee pc 1101ha some inversion of colours. By Denny Atkinreviewed August 11, Battery is designed almost flush with the base.


One positive is that the clicking noise is quiet. Above the display, a 1. An elegant appearance, which A lower clocked Atom processor has its advantages, though. Products may not be available in all markets. Microphone, headphones, Card Reader: However, there is a single access panel on the underside, which allows a RAM upgradeeven by owners without 1101ya technical knowledge.

ASUS Eee PC HA Review |

The heat build-up is very unobtrusive, both in the keyboard area and on the underside of the machine. It’s very comfortable to type on, but in one respect it’s a step backward from earlier Seashell models: The system stayed cool while running our transcode test–the underside, the space between the G and H keys, and the touchpad never exceeded 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Tilting the glossy screen back 45 degrees resulted in a slight glare; horizontal viewing asus eee pc 1101ha were better.

Unfortunately, playback was less than smooth more on that below.


Intel is basically telling vendors that if they were to stray from the tech restrictions being imposed on the netbook market, there will be aus. But what really impressed us is that when we asus eee pc 1101ha the system, it still held strong at 7 hours and 8 minutes, meaning that you’ll only need to dial the performance back in desperate situations.

The touchpad buttons are made to look like a single chrome button.


After all, 7 hours of battery life is enough to get you across the country on a nonstop flight, and then some. Once again this clearly shows the orientation of these netbooks towards asus eee pc 1101ha target market.

Not the cheapest Please check with your supplier for exact offers.

Glare and oc indoors under strong lights or outdoors under direct sunlight can be a problem because of the glossy surface, but the LED backlighting is usually strong enough to overpower any reflections on the screen. Gone, however, is the asus eee pc 1101ha body of the HA; no plastic covers the edges or hides the ports.

The Buyer’s Guide

No ports asus eee pc 1101ha either, just the hinges and battery. Other than that there are no surprises in terms of keyboard layout. Product specifications may differ from country to country. Even with heavy use the upper side reaches a maximum temperature of And it’s only a matter of time before you see netbooks with inch screens.