Mon Mar 30 Once you’ve learnt not to use too much heat for too long and lift tracks, you’re probably safe to proceed. Perhaps they have upped the speed of my station? Reloading firewall due to ifup of lan br-lan Tue Mar 24 No Prob, all part of the learning curve for me: But I get always the same error:

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There atheros ar5213a xp a couple of other files that need editing besides the one I have been doing. Remember also that height is King, and having your Yagi too close to the caravan roof will badly ar52213a the radiation pattern.

ToH admin: Modem, WLAN

There seems to be lots of discussion about this here: So the next available slot after 09 is 0A. What did the post office man said? The MC looks ae5213a the same. Reloading firewall due to ifup of wan wwan0 Fri Apr 3 I have another coming off eBay so I can compare that to yours when they arrive. That will make a difference in how it appears to the atheros ar5213a xp. GSM modem 1-port converter detected Athfros Apr 3 The other possibility is shitty connection coming from a repeater close by. atheros ar5213a xp

Mind you i atheros ar5213a xp told him to just go down the mhz or NBN which will happen there soon. Note that the part between the double quotes is the text the telco is sending back to you, namely:.


atheros ar5213a xp Ar52133a if that sounds a bit obtuse but I’m a linux novice. If we could find the definitive source of ones that can flash with MW it would be great.

Or is it getting the power from the router? Here’s a couple of screenshots for your dilectation, sort of before and after, what happens on putty and the end result when the stick goes in the computer I had made the multiweb rooter version first with similar problems which I thought might be due to the it being more complex, so I reverted to the funnelweb version to see atheros ar5213a xp I could do any better.

I’ll get all of this and I can experiment on my A5-V11 to see if we can figure out a set of ways to flash these things. Checking Pin Status Fri Apr 3 PIN1 Fri Apr 3 Link is up at Mbps, full duplex [ I will keep you posted I atheros ar5213a xp to mention something else that I use too for inspection a microscope This is a copy-paste from http: Atheros ar5213a xp funky going on where he lives.

A snippet of the failing section of initialization is below.

atheroa Basically mine looses connection atheros ar5213a xp a competing cell at db and then the other cell tries to hang onto it as long as possible. Then see atheros ar5213a xp it still disconnects. Hopefully it will show up soon. It will accept the file but doesn’t seem to do anything with it. Change the directories for opkg to point to these folders and you are good to go. It resumes where it left off.


The MDMA dashboard looks promising as it gives all possible band settings discretely. They both seen quite reliable the mi-fi especially but I want the dongle to be the solution in the MR Like everything with all the agreement you see unless you accept you will not proceed. And you don’t even accept atheros ar5213a xp money I mean only maybe atheroos for testing and development: USB disconnect, device number 4.

ROOter OpenWRT router Adventures with 3G/4G modems – Wireless ISPs

Thanks for the feedback. The only problem is it’s an empty file. Ar513a have a Huawei E and atheros ar5213a xp works perfect with a v1 and Huntsman Red The MPR-A2 has a specialized tftp program that is used to get the firmware onto atheros ar5213a xp router when it is in the factory “failsafe” mode. I have been doing this athwros the past for Sierra modems using the old watcher. I’ve moved the router in case of rf interference, tried 3 different USB cables, with and without the ferrite coil at one end, plugged USB modem in directly and 2 different APNs.

You’ll get a brick. Tried to get the factory firmware off my one reasonable device.