No, create an account now. Cards I currently have: So you collect Ferrari’s as well? That shop had also. Rather then tag the new chipset Banshee II as many industry wags had already done so, 3dfx called it Voodoo 3 in an effort to continue leveraging the Voodoo name for all it was worth. Mannerheim , Aug 30,

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Or just a particular scale and manufacturer? I was able to obtain a proper Packard Bell case and bnesteel since installed the motherboard. The cards were identical except the Gateway boot screen identified the card as a V and the 3dfx boot screen would state Velocity 3xfx was in a MMX I gave to a friend, who gave it to a friend. The ‘s had ram rated for 6ns, the for 7’ns but it wasn’t odd at all to find card with 6ns ram or a V3 with two or even three different brand ram chips on the same card!

Neoficiální české stránky 3Dfx

But all of you know that so ya everyone list your collection! Compaq sold series Presario’s mhz Voodoo 3 with or without tuner. I have not heard a mention, press release or rumor of this board and over 70 of them pop up on Ebay 5 years after 3dfx closes.


All it did was add more video memory, right?

JimmyFoxNov 21, V AGP in my retro gaming rig V – in a box somewhere. All my voodoo cards are PCI, got the and the That I really want haha. If you find one it will have Compaq on the bios decal and 5.

SurfyJun 16, MannerheimOct 7, You can see where the connector bonestele be for the flat panel on the PCB at the top left. No, create an account now.

Just for fun! Name your 3dfx Collection! | guru3D Forums

Compaq sold some Presarios with a unique 16 meg V3 clocked at mhz with no heatsink! Not a card but Voodoo 3 powered!

Just got 2 more 3Dfx in my collection. Wu-TanGAug 26, By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Obi-Wan KenobiNov 21, Rather then d3fx you with dozens of Voodoo 3 card images with slight differences between them I’ll just post some shots of the rare or interesting variations.

Combined with a PII it’s not a bad little combo! That shop had also.


A-trend and others also made Voodoo 3 motherboards but they are very hard to find. How to make a Voodoo 3- Take the bit Banshee core, add another Texture Management Unit for a total of two, shrink the die size down from. In another effort to break into the lucrative OEM market 3dfx also worked on integrated solutions like this motherboard.

Just for fun! Name your 3dfx Collection!

bonesyeel Another bonus was that the V3 was an outstanding overclocker- My first V3 a mhz model would run at an astounding mhz with the addition of a small fan to the heatsink! Yes, my password is: MSI Geforce 6gb.

From slowest to fastest! Ok guys vonesteel all the 3dfx cards you have stashed away to show off to all your friends. Very rare and hard to find!