The local Bluetooth service has been started. Or you can select to reboot later. Connect to the Bluetooth enabled headset. Add a remote device by entering its Bluetooth device address. Contacts, calendars, notes and emails in MS Outlook will be synchronized with those on the phone. Prompt to user if the device is not a trusted device of this service If a non-trusted device attempts to access the service, a dialog will appear to allow you to accept or reject the connection.

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The virtual Bluetooth COM ports connected by remote device. Indicate the location of where you want Bluetooth Software to be stored; if you do bt dongle-is1002n horus module change the default settings, it will be stored under C: The version of the LMP firmware of bt dongle-is1002n horus module remote device.

Please click Next button several times to continue the software installation. If the passkeys are the same, the authentication procedure is successful and connections can be setup.

Integrated System Solution IS1002N Horus Quick Install Manual

Object Push Service Configuration 2. The device type will be unknown if add it by inputting its Bluetooth address.

If you select Refresh Devices, the list of previously detected devices will not be cleared. If the remote device is set to non-discoverable, other devices cannot find it. Stop the BlueSoleil service. Check the By Bt dongle-is1002n horus module checkbox, enter the Name of the device, and click on the Find horys. Enter text from picture: If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference bt dongle-is1002n horus module one or more of the following measures: Steps Save shortcut After connected, right click the device icon; select the Save Connection as Shortcut on the popup menu.


Click to select the devices you wish to allow to use the selected service. Bluetooth Bluetooth is an open specification for a cutting-edge technology that enables short-range wireless bt dongle-is1002n horus module between desktop and laptop bt dongle-is1002n horus module, personal digital assistants, cellular phones, printers, scanners, digital cameras and even home appliances on a globally available band 2. Local Service List Icon Meanings There are 3 states for the local Bluetooth services, indicated by dontle-is1002n icon colors.

Bt dongle-is1002n horus module 1 devices are high power devices. The Bluetooth service is active in a connection with the remote device. Assign a device to the selected port. Right-click on the icon to display a pop-up menu donglr-is1002n related operations e. Becoming a Bluetooth client normally requires an action by the device operator, such as an attempt to browse a remote computer, print a file, or dial out on a modem, or get date from GPS module.

Indicate the location of where you want Bluetooth Software to be stored; if you do not change the default settings, it will be stored under C: Then open the BlueSoleil service window. Can’t find the remote device you want? Add a remote device by entering its Bluetooth device address.

Right-click to display a pop-up menu of related operations. Before a connection is established, one device must request a connection with another. Send objects from the phone. On the client bt dongle-is1002n horus module, initiate the connection. The user can change the authorization status for each device.


HPTPS-BT01 Bluetooth USB Dongle User Manual TPS-BT02_manual_Ivt_ Hong Puu Technology Co., Ltd.

The originator of the request is the client. A Bluetooth Camera Controller will appear, Figure Start Object Push service. Connect to the phone’s Bt dongle-is1002n horus module service.

This is called service browse. Accessibility Properties Page Confidential 66 Version1. This differs from the authentication procedure where the user is requested to enter a passkey during the establishment of a link.

Kompjuteri | Desktop : Bluetooth USB dongle – ID – KupujemProdajem

You must have following environments:. The normal state modulf the device. Bluetooth Icons in System tray. Click on the red ball to start or stop searching for Bluetooth devices in range. The Bluetooth Device is not available. The Outbox is used to save objects sent out from your computer. On the bt dongle-is1002n horus module menu, select Stop Service.

HPTPS-BT02C Bluetooth Adapter User Manual TPS-BT02_manual_Ivt_ Hong Puu Technology Co., Ltd.

Select menu Tools Add Dongle-ie1002n from History Please refer to Hardware Configuration for more details. How to pair with another device Automatically If a passkey is required for connection, the devices will be paired automatically the first time they successfully exchange passkeys and bt dongle-is1002n horus module.

Click to find a device, by either of two search criteria.