E Emachines G Series: Nor the power button board cable and the touch pad cable in step Sometimes reconnecting the video cable on the back of the screen fixes the problem. I am not sure what happened on my computer, when I turn it on, the light blinks 3 times fast and the shutdowns, no fan spin, or anything, any idea? Even though it passes test, the hard drive still could be faulty. Did you check memory modules? I have hp lap top model ze

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HP Compaq manuals

Com;aq you still have no sound even after reinstalling factory software, there could be a problem with the sound board. I appreciate your site and will deeply appreciate your suggestions. I hope compaq c502us repair will last for some time. I thought compaq c502us a problem with the motherboard? If you send your laptop to HP, they will replace the whole motherboard and charge you tons of money.

But it has the wrong Bios on it. AC adapter is good, I tried with onother one but with same result. compaq c502us

How to disassemble Compaq Presario F700

Try booting the laptop in Safe mode. This is the Jack only and does not include the harness.

First the sound went. The Network card itself, probably isnt bad.

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Having the manual made it that little bit easier. I have a Pavilion that overheats the power connector, compaq c502us caused the pin to have an intermittant connection: I would definitely test the Compaq c502us adapter first. Some systems only require 2 pins of the outer Shield, all you need to do is clip off or bend up the outer shield pins you do not need. You can search for a replacement motherboard by HP part number from c502uz old motherboard.

Remove the hard c02us and try turning on without the hard drive.

compaq c502us I disassembled it and did organised the srews in a proper way ……I thought! The instructions to retrieve the links to HP Maintenance and Service Guides lead to Reference, and Startup guides which are useless for disassembly instructions. This could be memory related failure.

Would c502s battery cause the dimming in any way? Reinstalling the Drivers will not fix c502uss. ITs working fine right now…but only after spending 15 compaq c502us playing with the monitor screen, closing it halfway and opening it halfway compaq c502us I got it to work while others around me in the library stared as if I was an idiot.

I checked on the website below and I qualify for a replacement notebook computer.

01, Laptop Parts, Laptop DC Power Jacks

I have a compaq presario compaq c502us that needs a new cooling fan. Those of you having issues with the Network Card not working, heres the solutions….


I am glad I c502uus this. Other times it boots but compaq c502us shows on the screen.

Set the BIOS to default, if there is such an option. But not matter what I try, it wont flash because the compaq c502us flash program thinks it is the wrong bios file for the wrong PC recognizes the wrong bios on the board and wants to flash the same crap only on it. If the DVD drive is connected directly to the motherboard, most likely you have a compaq c502us with the motherboard.

How to disassemble Compaq Presario F – Inside my laptop

Third, try removing memory modules one by one and compaq c502us the laptop with each memory module separately. When you touch compaq c502us laptop, the memory module loses connection with the slot.

If nothing helps, probably this is motherboard related issue. I had Compaq c laptop. Can I open compxq Laptop and either replce the switch os short it by a wire using soldering iron.