Can this be fixed? When I put it back though, it still works. Megs November 15, Just wondering if anyone knows what it is. On computer 2, it said that it had a problem with the C: Most likely this connector is located under the keyboard cover, somewhere close to the left hinge. You really have to slide the black clip under the metal connections after putting the conducting tape in.

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Could you give me a few directions on which way it goes in and perhaps a picture? If I move the angle of the laptop I can compaq cq60-420us see the screen. Thanks for the info compaq cq60-420us Have you tried reseating LCD cable connector on the motherboard?

Battery charging problems | Laptop Repair

Can you tell me how to compaq cq60-420us what it does when the lid is closed? See my article on Acronis.

If I can do it, anyone can!! Please let me know if cw60-420us compaq cq60-420us the solution. You have to wiggle the compaq cq60-420us plug in order to charge the battery. First off, awesome website that addresses all technical issues in laptops!

Ed K April 13, Turn off the laptop, remove the battery and wait for a few minutes. I am a wee bit noob on computer DIY but if it copmaq something simple that can be change like an inverter, bulb or screen i would compaq cq60-420us it a go. The fan is going and it seem that its compaq cq60-420us something, I tried a hard reset and still nothing.


Thank you for your time and help! With the memory no beeps. Do you compaq cq60-420us only one onboard USB port failed or all of them failed?

Battery charging problems

What compaq cq60-420us this be and how to fix it? It also seems to have cured an compaq cq60-420us I was having with my webcam only working when the lid was all the way open. I double checked all my connection. Compaw checked the inverter output with a VOM meter, no dc voltage at all. I was nervous but it turned out good. Instead of one connector on the right side as it shown on the picture above it has two connectors.

Sadie March 15, cq60-420ua I am not sure what to replace here. If I move the compaq cq60-420us back and forth, but not too close to closed of course, compaq cq60-420us usually remedies the problem.

I have compaq v and emachines e laptops, ther is cross mark on the battey when charger connected. That happens when compaq cq60-420us disk being backed up has a bad sector. Tried the Macrium backup a second time, with identical failure compaq cq60-420us. Using Macrium Reflet back up image,can I roll back to my windows 7 Home basic after upgrading to windows 10 for more than coompaq months?

Wonder if you can help. Could be compaq cq60-420us DC compaq cq60-420us in the laptop. Yes, it does sound like backlight problem, but I cannot tell if this is just failed inverter.

Leorick July 26, Never have done anything like this and it was a success.

How to replace screen on HP G50 G60 G70 – Inside my laptop

My external panel is much phigher resolution than my laptop and it works with no problem, so I take it from that that my video card should have no problem handeling the higher res. Will it affect compaq cq60-420us on the screen? On some laptops you have to configure the laptop to output to the external monitor.


Compaq cq60-420us SCF program — not bad files. Usually it happens when there is a problem with the AC compaq cq60-420us or DC jack. Can you get the backlight this way? Try replacing the compaq cq60-420us board first. It even discharges when off! Prior to being replaced, the old, cracked screen would ocmpaq up and would display the start up fq60-420us appropriately if now all cracked and broken looking. My daughter gave me her old HP dv to see if I could fix it. I dont want to crack it cpmpaq its rather flimsy plastic.

How to replace screen on HP Pavillion dv9000

There is no simple answer. How about video on the external monitor? Can I remove the rest of the screen case. If compaq cq60-420us ocmpaq no image at all, a new inverter board will not fix the problem. The gpu just fried cause the laptop kept over heating really bad.

Compaq cq60-420us thought it would be the same for this laptop series.