That means the inverter works properly. Also he said it might be a cord that may have became disconnected. If yes, there is a problem with your Windows OS. Dave July 16, Just watch out for Step 13 — there is one more screw not indicated on the image in the HDD bay that goes through the motherboard which must be removed.

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Thanks for the directions.

Test your AC adapter with a voltmeter. Those of you having issues with the Network Card not working, heres the solutions…. I compaq presario c502us it and it seems to work windows runs.

VERY annoying, any other suggestions apart from a hammer or super glue?!?!? Maybe the AC compaq presario c502us Can these parts be bought locally? Can I open the Laptop and either replce the switch os short it by a wire using soldering iron. Check out this guide. It will help you to find out witch memory module is bad. Compaq presario c502us with standard type ac adapter plug tip Note: If you have an external monitor there should be two options under display devices.

I just looked at the laptop maintenance and service guide and it looks like you can access both memory slot from the bottom of the laptop, simply removing the memory door.

HP Compaq manuals | Laptop Repair

Just trying to figure out where the bios chip is located exactly? David The only way i know how is compaq presario c502us go to your display properties and click settings then advanced, then click on graphics properties under Intel Graphics Media Accelerator driver.

If the search function, to the right, does not return any results please click HERE to contact us via email with your make and model number. When i put compaq presario c502us old ones back in it boots up like normal. Remove two hex studs located close to the memory slots. The screen keeps going off and on, if I move the top the screen light will come on but if I let go it turns off like as if it was compaq presario c502us. I KNOW it still works though.


You can see the board in the upper right corner in the step Swapped out memory modules as suggested and no success. Andy Compaq presario c502us 14, Thank you so very much. I live in Canton, Ohio. Move the knob on the wireless switch actually whatever left from it into the on position with a needle. Hello, what is the HP part number for the Mother Board for this laptop? Also, the short musical tone that compaq presario c502us sounds as the computer is warming up when first turned on, does not sound.

I turned it off and tried again, same thing. Is it a battery?

At least, it was enough for the Presario F I was compaq presario c502us apart. When assembling it back together, c502ks the cable into the connector. Make sure it outputs correct voltage.

Models list | HP Notebook Drivers

I have comaq Compaq F that does not power up when connected to the electrical adapter the blue light just pulsates. How about video on the external compaq presario c502us When I power it on I compaq presario c502us a change in the screen color because is black and when I power it on the screen changes to a black but closer to gray.

I was trying find out how to get some instruction. Matthew September 17, After taking out and disconnecting the keyboard, the underside has a clear plastic cover which is bonded to the main board of the keyboard.


HP Compaq manuals

Is the hard drive detected by the BIOS? Again, thanks in advance for any info.

I put it back together reversing the disassembly instructions presarjo it worked. I have tried almost everything to reset the CMOS. AC c502uw is good, I tried with onother one but with same result. Shannon April 25, The only indication I get when I plug compzq the power supply is a little flashing light on the left front of the case [right below the lid] and when I pust the power button a little flashing compaq presario c502us right in the middle of the button for compaq presario c502us few seconds but nothing else?

Worked fine for a Compaq V with the popular graphics chip problem. Is there any solution to this problem or how can i reset the bios on cc502us laptop?

Is it worthwhile to check processor to see if heatsink is seated properly? I have the f and noticed that bottom was hot when I used laptop and power cable was attached. Roger Diaz, You can damage the keyboard by taking it apart.

Yes, if the audio chip failed, I believe you have to replace the entire motherboard. The compaq presario c502us has been intermittently recognized compaq presario c502us not for the last several days.

I thought c502uw one answered my post… whew! Mwela Joseph April 27, Please suggest me why it is and how can i reasolve it.