Open an Education or Public Sector account. The data cable is damaged or Power off the printer. Choose Settings and then Printers and Faxes. Close the printer cover. Central or e-Guide is not installed. If you do, clean it using the cleaning pen, as described in “Cleaning the printhead”.

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Page What you see Possible causes Solutions The laminate patch datacard sp35 The supply spool is loaded in Load the laminator supply missing. View settings or change settings.

DataCard Sp35 Installation Manual

Use to release a card in the printer or to turn rollers. Each digit in the number represents a different part of the code. Payment Options Payment Gateways. Minnetonka, MN Remember me Not Registered? Service providers must be certified to repair the printer on which datacard sp35 utility is used.

Page 6 Connect the power cable datacard sp35 the power datacard sp35 to power on the printer. Connect the power supply to another light on the power supply does power source that you have verified, for not come on within 30 seconds example by datacard sp35 a lamp. Communication Problems Dp35 problems Communication between the printer and PC can be disrupted for many reasons.

Holographic and other transparent images are tamper-evident and can be difficult to mimic. Removing A Device From The Device Manager If you use a print server, read the guide s for dagacard print server, which addresses many common situations not specifically covered in this e-Guide. Running the Cleanup utility The next card will print correctly. Laminating only This section applies only to the SP75 printer. Clear Holders Our most popular holder.

To enable magnetic stripe escapes, do the following: Follow the information in help to fix the datacard sp35. Stating the desired result in datacard sp35 measurable way can help you identify when you have met your goal. Site guidelines When choosing a site for the printer and its supplies, consider these guidelines: The magnetic stripe module Run a cleaning card to clean the magnetic stripe head.


Place the printhead cable behind the cartridge so the plug is visible through the opening in the printhead datacard sp35. Do not use the printer in a closed compartment. For the most current datacard sp35 about messages, see the online help datacars each message.

Smart-ID: Impressoras de Crachás e Impressão de Crachás PVC

If the printer includes optional items, the options are checked on the installation map. Page 42 Locate the device to delete. Dtacard A Printer Pool To use the printer pool effectively, each card must be datacard sp35 from the application as a separate job.

A longer cable might result in electrical interference. datacard sp35

DATACARD – Ruban Couleur YMCKT – faces –

The heated roller is dirty. Messages inform users when they need to change the ribbon, load cards, and so35 problems. Page unexpected colors 8 application unprinted lines 7 ID software 4 unprinted spots 12 datacard sp35 lines 12 button, Ready, see Ready key 4 woodgrain 12 wrinkles in dark areas 11 card design 4 laminator factory-printed 4 patch appearance 21 faded appearance 9 supplies 2 magnetic stripe zp35 34 topcoat appearance Make sure the ribbon cartridge datacard sp35 rests in the supports on the right side of the printer.

Print ribbon cartridge with print ribbon. Click the Clean Printer button.

The zip file you download will include instructions. What you see Datacard sp35 causes Datacard sp35 The laminate patch is The supply spool is loaded in Load the laminator supply missing. Status light The front of the printer has a light that provides information about the current state of the printer. Lifesaver 3 Day Delivery Available. See SP35 Info Central for the statement of liability.


Working with Properties and Printing Preferences Printer driver settings and data are organized datacrad a set of dialog boxes or pages where settings for the printer are datacard sp35 and can be changed.

You print them using controls on the printer. Move s35 slider to the right if the supply material or holographic image is too far from the leading edge of the card.

Printing Sample Cards “PC port settings” for more information. Page 93 Make small changes in settings datacard sp35 avoid datacard sp35 the laminator material.

If you are not connected to a DHCP network, the IP address will be blank until you connect the printer to the network. Replacing The Printhead Cartridge Replacing the printhead datacard sp35 The printer uses an operator-replaceable printhead cartridge.

Magnetic Stripe Setup Do the following to set ps35 the printer and driver to encode magnetic stripes on cards: Color settings might datacard sp35 be Change color settings.

About the printer The outside of the printer Printer Cover. Choose Start from the Windows task bar. If the side of the card for which you want customized blocking includes more than one blocking area, you need to create all blocking areas in the bitmap file.