Do you know whether or not it would be possible to open the screen and clean the LCD panel? Page 82 Solving Problems Laptop works fine through a VGA connection. I dont have a lid closed switch, but was wondering if this computer has a magnetic switch and if so how would I test it or find it? Keep up the good work.

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First, I would try reconnecting the video cable on the back or the LCD screen.

A Dell Inspiron Won’t Connect to Wireless Networks

Device manager says everything is fine. Is this because of the trackpad heating up when the lid is close laptop on for a long period of time? Got it to the shop which replaced the display, and there they said my cable connecting motherboard to display got damaged and replaced it… after one week it begun again…after that got it back to the technician that done that and he just plugged off and back in that video cable.

Which one should I replace first OR is it even worth it? Applying pressure connects the circuit to the tape. Can u pls dell inspiron b130 video controller how to check laptop inverter out put Ac voltage with the help of multimetre.

But i take a very long time to start. It lights up during reboot, logs on to windows and goes black again. Maybe you purchased a defective inverter? Page Software and Peripherals Sales toll-free: Through research and reading your advice…it sounds like a bad inverter. dell inspiron b130 video controller

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You can test the incoming voltage with a multimeter. If I connect it to an external monitor Comtroller can work on the computer, so the PC is fine and the problem is on the laptop screen.

Additional monitor works fine and is cloneing laptop screen. I should also note that I have connected the laptop to an external monitor, and I get a perfect image. You can see this part clearly on the 6th image. Hiya was searching the internet for this and stumbled on your page its dell inspiron b130 video controller of great help as am looking forward to buying a toshiba m protege laptop but the outer metalic case is scratched and can do with a new one.


Audio kabel adapter za iPhone 3,5 mm stereo plug dell inspiron b130 video controller pin – 2x 3,5 mm stereo jack, 0,2m; max. Hey every one, I have a cell too, I accidently put a strong magnet near the lampe and PAFF my lcd screen turned off.

Can you light up the screen when tapping on the switch? It is broken and only thing to do is exchange dell inspiron b130 video controller.

How about video on the external monitor? John Doucette July 22, When the computer is on, the screen is dark, but I can see that a light, which I assume is the backlight, is actually lit…I should also note that I have connected the laptop to an external ocntroller, and I get a perfect image. First of all remove the battery from the notebook. Replaced the inverter board and LCD screen lights up.

Quick splice connector for wire range: My dell inspiron laptops screen went dark and I could not figure it out.

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If you install drivers obtained from other sources, your computer might not work correctly. Brian June 24, Kishor November 11, Dell PC Restore enables you to restore your hard drive to the operating state it was in when you purchased your computer. Which countries install it?

This “radio button” is typically found near the top of the keyboard and is usually accompanied by a light that indicates whether the card is enabled or disabled. I have a problem with my old laptop screen — sony grx series — that doesnt seem to turn on eventhough everything else seems to work fine. The even that caused this damage was that someone had stepped on my laptop when it was closed and cracked the lid case, probably either disconnecting some wires with a fissure or something along those lines.


Page 98 3 Remove the two dell inspiron b130 video controller at the top of the keyboard. I think your problem is connected to the video cable. A month ago I concluded the monitor was just shot and needed to be replaced as I was able to get video to an external monitor but got no image on the LCD at all.

Everything seems dell inspiron b130 video controller visible damage or dell inspiron b130 video controller. Hello, me again…OK put the old screen back in works perfectly, with the exception of the black area where the screen is broken.

I tested to see if the inverter was getting power and it was. If you cannot resolve the error condition, contact Dell. I re-assembled the laptop and left the bezel cover out so as to be able to reach the inverter at will.

Check the computer’s device manager. Be the first to rate click star to rate. The Dell customer service representative will log your report under the computer Service Tag and record the computer as dell inspiron b130 video controller or stolen.

Jamal March 5, Unfortunately, you cannot tell which one is failing without testing the laptop with another working inverter board of backlight lamp. In most cases I go with the second method — using my test del lamp.