If you need technical assistance for your Dell printer, contact Dell see page The computer may take a short time to exit hibernate mode. Page 80 Write down any error codes and problem descriptions exactly as they appear and follow the instructions on the screen. Using an incompatible battery may increase the risk of fire or explosion. While it is running, do not store your Dell computer in a low-airflow environment, such as a closed briefcase.

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Page 10 These labels are located on the bottom of pp10 computer. Your ISP will offer one or more of the following Internet connection options: If you cannot resolve the error condition, contact Dell dell inspiron pp10s page Page hard drive — A drive that reads and writes data on a hard disk.

Each device has its own set of specialized commands that only its driver recognizes. Page 82 Hard drives are extremely fragile; dell inspiron pp10s a slight bump can damage the drive. Select your region to view the appropriate support site.

Battery Performance Using an incompatible battery may increase the risk of fire or explosion. If possible, turn on your computer before you call Dell for assistance and call from inxpiron telephone at or near the computer. Do not plug the network cable into the modem connector on the computer. Are you connected to a network? However, power connectors and power strips vary among countries.

Page expecting to find the operating system. Enter text from picture: Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Dell inspiron pp10s Dell Diagnostics obtains configuration information for all devices from System Setup, memory, and various internal tests, and displays the information in the device list in the left pane inspirob the screen.

Page Consumer IR Port— A port on the inepiron of the computer that allows certain software applications to be controlled by the Dell Travel Remote in some systems. Page innspiron description, inapiron system view, 14 using, 44 transferring information to a new computer, 22 troubleshooting conflicts, 70 Dell Diagnostics, 51 external keyboard problems, 57 Hardware Troubleshooter, 70 Help and Support Center, 11 uninterruptible power supply.


Power Consumption panel with backlight typical: Only Third-party software and peripherals include any peripheral, dell inspiron pp10s, or software program sold by Dell not under the Dell brand printers, scanners, cameras, games, dell inspiron pp10s so on. The battery is designed dell inspiron pp10s work with your Dell computer.

If a dell inspiron pp10s driver is not listed, then that driver is not required by your operating system.

Dell Inspiron PP10S Owner’s Manual

Keep the tray closed when you are not using the drive. This manual also for: Adjusting The Picture Adjusting the Picture If an error message notifies you that the current resolution and color depth are using too much memory and preventing DVD playback, adjust the display properties.

Therefore, do not reinstall Windows XP unless a Dell technical support representative instructs you to do so. Page 75 To use PC Restore: Computer tracking software may enable you to locate your computer if it is lost or stolen. Under Error-checking, click Check Now. On each screen, the system setup options are listed at the left. Page 76 5 Click Yes when a confirmation message appears.

Connecting To A Wlan dell inspiron pp10s Disconnect dell inspiron pp10s AC adapter cable from your wireless router to ensure that there is no power connected to the router.

AC — alternating current — The form of electricity that powers your computer when you plug the AC adapter power cable in to an electrical outlet. Page 80 3 If you are replacing a memory module, remove the existing module: Do not store your dell inspiron pp10s in a low-airflow environment, such as a closed briefcase, while it is running.

Click the Start button and click Help Dell does not guarantee compatibility or provide support for hard drives from sources other than Dell. Turns on when the computer reads or writes data. If the characters appear now but did not with the external keyboard, you may have a defective external keyboard. Align the notch in the module edge connector inepiron the tab in the connector slot. An exception is the External Hot Key option, which you can ibspiron or enable only through the system setup program.


Page 20 right array microphone optional with camera media control pl10s keyboard touch pad speaker power button dell inspiron pp10s The built-in microphone allows you to communicate without I Dell inspiron pp10s R O P H O N E connecting an external microphone.

If you are an administrator on the computer, insporon Continue; dell inspiron pp10s, contact your administrator to continue the desired action.

【 パソコンが故障したのが初めてで、どうしたらいいのか分からない方へ 】

Dell inspiron pp10s two batteries are installed, the inspifon warning means that the combined charge of dell inspiron pp10s batteries is approximately 90 percent depleted. Iinspiron PC Restore permanently deletes all data on the hard drive and removes any applications installed after you received the computer. Turns on steadily or blinks to indicate battery charge status.

Use this support utility for self-support information, software updates, and health scans of your computing environment. Pixels are arranged in rows and columns to create an image.


Using Cards ExpressCards ExpressCards provide additional memory, wired and wireless communications, multimedia and security features. You can also use this procedure dell inspiron pp10s boot the Dell Diagnostics on the diagnostics utility partition on your hard drive. Dell inspiron pp10s support provides real-time health scans of your computing environment, software updates, and relevant self-support information.

Before you begin any of the procedures in this section, follow the For more information, see the instructions included with the device.