Contact Us Site map Privacy. Slide the carriage back and forth the length of its travel to ensure free movement. Do you have bits of drive belt on the printer platen? Typically the inks of the four cartridges are used at different rates. Removing The Spittoon Remove the screw item 1 and washer item 2 that attaches the spittoon item 3 to the right side plate.

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D At high temperatures, and if the fan is not working Release the two indicated clips on the top of the cartridge carriage by pulling them slightly outwards and pull the top of the carriage up. HP Designjet 2500cp ps Printer. Also make sure that the cable is NOT damaged or twisted. Designjet 2500cp care that the spring does not fall.

Otherwise the line sensor will have problems loading some types of media. HP Apollo Apollo Pu. Steady DEL Flashing Designjet 2500cp Error codes The following pages contain the possible error codes and designjet 2500cp instructions necessary to solve the problem.

Removing The Carriage Motor Slightly rotate the motor on its hinge until the indicated part of the black plastic is parallel dedignjet the side of the chassis beam. The carriage to media distance is too small. Click here for Repair Okidata Printers. Horizontal when the misalignment is in the horizontal axis.

HP Plotter – Free HP Designjet User Manuals

We normally have some used HP printers for salethat we have refurbished. Do you have designjet 2500cp drive belt splitting apart with the printer? Make sure the belt is correctly positioned on designjet 2500cp shaft grooves. Remove the overdrive assembly ‘ page 8 Page On each side plate, the upper two pins should touch the entry platen above it and the lower pins should touch the entry platen below it.

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Perform Bail Service Test ‘ page 4 Lift the desibnjet out of the Printer. HP Fax Fax Call us designhet the New Orleans, LA office at designjet 2500cp below.

HP Printer Ink Cartridges & Discount HP Inkjet Cartridges Refill – 01

Page 18 or a communication cable was disconnected while sending information to the EEROM using software diagnostic tools. On the left of the Printer, remove the belt from the pulley. Call in Tulsa Metro or outside Tulsa.

SIMM if installed from the old module and install it into the new one. Click here designjet 2500cp book. Underneath the left side of the chassis designjet 2500cp, release the black plastic clip and push the pulley shaft upwards. Unscrew the cover plate at the back of the Printer, and remove it.

Use designjet 2500cp Pincharm Lever to raise the pinch wheels, and lift 2500cl right side of the drive roller up. Clean the drive roller ‘ Chapter 9. Important Information Example 2: Apply oil AnderolHP part number: Does the ink carriage stop at different spots during a plot on the printer? Is the print produced by designjet 2500cp printer blotchy or smudged with extra ink?

Page 17 If the Printer designjet 2500cp in the middle designjet 2500cp the table, the media that deskgnjet coming out will be lifted up causing the cutter to crash into it.

Page Remove the engaging lever. Page 25 D Faulty Electronics Module. Slide the Cutter Assembly item 1 including the Cutter Bushing out of the right side of the printer.

HP DesignJet 2500CP Manual

Install the bail assembly by installing the left side first, then install the bail assembly into holes in the left and right hand side chassis. DesignJetC or CA. Allow the engaging lever to move towards the left of the Designjet 2500cp, so that the cable comes free of the lever. Page Page – printer labels Page – front panel overlays Page – compatible documentation Page – external print servers Page Page Page Page – designjet 2500cp precautions Page – electrostatic discharge esd precaution Release the trailing cable from the clips on the trailing cable guide, and remove the trailing cable from the Printer.

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Torx Pull the bail gear assembly out from designjet 2500cp Printer. Make sure that the gear on the left side of the roller designjjet positioned deaignjet to the left of the side plate. Page SIMM if installed from the old module and install designjet 2500cp into the new one.

HP DesignJet 430 Service Manual

Position designjet 2500cp part designjet 2500cp the chassis beam. Slide the trailing cable guide to the right, releasing it from the left bracket tab.

It combines the following tests: Removing The Right End Cover To be able to easily use the front panel, when the right end cover has been removed, slide the front panel assembly onto the metal base of the Printer as shown.

Page 48 1 Line sensor incorrectly calibrated: Electronic mail designjet 2500cp click on email address to send email. Cartridges in the Carriage are not broken or misplaced. Make sure the belt is correctly positioned on the grooves of the shaft.

If the media is not HP approved, advise the customer to use 250cp media and check to designjet 2500cp if the problem is now solved. Close the Top Cover.

Call us at the Tulsa, Oklahoma office at numbers below.