Too bad absolutely none of the settings are explained. Though problem solving is where the fun is coming from, we will still try to provide more guidance and short cuts. For benchmarking we use TimDemo1. With this said, our issue or maybe our perception is that the board could have been much better in the overclocking area as we “only” reached a stable FSB setting of with our X From there, take your time and make small, safe adjustments. If you have a comment you wish to make on this review, feel free to head on into our forums! While other prominent companies are using heat pipe technology to cool the chipsets, DFI chose as basic a cooler as possible.

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While I had no way of accurately measuring the chipset temperature, it was warm, but not hot to the dfi infinity 975x. Next, we dropped the memory divider to 1: DFI boards are really known for their extreme overclocking performance, as well as the most complex BIOS’ anyone could dream up.

If you have a comment you wish to make on this review, dfi infinity 975x free to head on into our forums! Adding a strap would undoubtedly allow this board to scale much higher than the current strap.

DFI Infinity X/G – Techgage

Every board from DFI, especially dfi infinity 975x LANparty and Infinity line, is carefully designed, tested and tortured by our dedicated team in house, which formed talented engineers who are also over dfi infinity 975x. Today we begin our Core 2 Duo motherboard coverage with a look at a familiar name in the enthusiast motherboard market What do you feel is the next major development in regards to motherboard technology? Looking at it strictly from a financial standpoint, its hard to see where this board fits in.

For testing hardware components, Dfi infinity 975x use Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” with all setting set to maximum quality. For benchmarking we use TimDemo1. At that time, the board came with a premium price. Also,do you feel that it will negatively affect consumers choices and board performance? Any issue not addressed on their site can be found at DFI Street, their support forums, which feature some very knowledgable people dedicated to DFI boards.


Only with these jobs done, then can we focus and differentiate ourselves from our competitors who may also be using the same chipsets.

Lets move on to some of the board’s features. When it comes to design, how hard is it to get everything dfi infinity 975x out between a dfi infinity 975x maker, a CPU maker, and a motherboard maker? Log in Don’t have an account? Adding a strap inffinity probably alleviate a lot of the high end overclocking issues that users are reporting, but as of post time for this article, there had been no mention as to plans to release an update addressing this issue.

Only four USB ports, and a single Gigabit ethernet port limit external peripherrals.

Our X with the multiplier dropped was only able to achieve a FSB of before hitting the proverbial brick wall. Over the next couple of weeks we will dive head first into reviewing motherboards supporting INTEL’s newest processor line, the Core 2 Duo. I believe it will be available soon.

There is no need to register in order to reply to such threads. There are so many small things that could make this motherboard better but it is an Infinity series and thus, is supposed to have less than a LanParty. How high could we get the FSB and is the board worth it? Dfi infinity 975x 5 uses real applications running real-world tasks to assess a PC’s overall performance.

From there, take your time and make small, safe adjustments. While most overclockers don’t care about or use onboard sound, the Realtek 7. Anything over FSB failed stress testing after dfi infinity 975x. There are 58 people online 0 Friends. I say for the most part because a few things really stood out dfi infinity 975x me as I gave the board my inspection.

With the accumulated expertise and the keen observation in the enthusiast dfi infinity 975x, the LANparty concept totally changed the image of DFI from an OEM style manufacturer to an enthusiast cult brand since its debut with the nForce II chipset.

Though the Infinity line is DFI’s budget offering, don’t let that fool you, as the Infinity boards we’ve tested over the last year have never left us disappointed when it came to performance. If your looking for a strong stock motherboard than this is for you and the price is right.


The board was well over dollars and with the results we had with the board, I am not sure it would have been worth it. If you plan on buying this board, or already own dfi infinity 975x, a great place to start is the DFI Street support forums, notably their overclocking database, where you’ll find different configurations users and staff have found to get the best possible performance from their boards.

If you run into any problems, head over to DFI-Street and check dfi infinity 975x their support forums dedicated to this board. Coupled with some fairly modest voltage sttings, my goal is simply to show you what you should typically expect from this board.

Conroe Buying Guide: Feeding the Monster

I think this is a good question, and indeed we have numerous discussions over this topic internally. Written by Richard Swinburne.

PC World WorldBench 5. During system optimizations and tweaking it provides essential system and overclock information, advanced hardware monitoring and diagnostics capabilities to di the effects of the applied settings.

Doom 3 Doom 3 is dfi infinity 975x “older” game that still is a good benchmarking tool as it highly stresses your entire dfi infinity 975x.

We could not exceed a FSB at a 1: We’ve changed our benchmarking suite at HL, which we’ll cover more in an article next week. You can use this software in conjunction with DVD dfi infinity 975x software of your choice, to make a backup copy of any DVD video disc.

The overall layout of the dfi infinity 975x leaves little to be desired though. The NB chipset uses a very basic aluminum heatsink.

While other prominent companies are using heat pipe technology to cool the chipsets, DFI chose as basic a cooler as possible.