As such I have added a forum for people to help each other out. Think of an air to water intercooler as an enclosed box with a normal air to air intercooler in it but instead of air flowing through the intercooler fins, water does. T04B Compressor Housing Trims: With this type of fuel management boost is limited to 7 PSI. The positive crankcase ventilation system exists to relieve positive air pressure from the crankcase.

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Pipe fjo injector larger diameter silicon hose can be bought at Baker Precision. First let me say that ‘AFC Hack’ is a poor name for this setup.

The fjo injector is connected to the valve with a rod as seen in the second picture below. High oil temperatures, particularly, cause engine failures. Back to Top Turbo Timer A turbo timer is used to keep the engine running for fjo injector set amount of time even though the key has been removed from the ignition.

Some dyno tuners have been known to not work with the SMC due to its questionable quality.

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Clutches like Clutchmasters and ACT are excellent clutches. Love Fab – Manifolds. Shall I send slower?

The turbo timers come with security features that prevent someone from jumping in your running car after you’ve gotten out. The wastegate is used to control boost levels by allowing exhaust gasses to bypass the turbo, thereby decreasing the volume fjo injector exhaust available to spin the turbo’s turbine.

Torque fjo injector occurs fjo injector a disproportionate amount of power is diverted to one wheel causing the car to steer without you turning the steering wheel. This includes whether to buy a kit from a company such as Drag or assemble your own kit, addressing the cooling, PCV, ignition, and drivetrain systems to make them work better with the turbo.


Because of fjo injector these bends 16 gauge, 3″ inside diameter pipe should be used to minimize the effect fjo injector the bends on exhaust flow. Preparation is key in creating a reliable turbocharged engine. None of the systems offer data logging. Thanks to nosintegra92 from G2IC for this picture. For universal water to air intercoolers check out Spearco. The last weakness that you need to know about are the stock half shafts.

Another key to keep gas velocity high is manifold runner diameter. Reversion occurs during valve overlap and exhaust gasses are drawn back into the cylinder. Magna Flow – Mufflers. Different springs can also be swapped in. For the oil temperature gauge sender, it installs much like a bulkhead fitting drill a hole in the pan, insert sender, seal with Hondabondinstall it just above the oil drain plug in the oil pan.

However just because it fits the head does not mean that once a turbo is attached that it will fit. Also consider that the fjo injector is being placed behind an intercooler which increases the air’s fjo injector going through the radiator.

Well it’s been fjo injector year since I first released the Turbo Guide and it’s had over 1 million hits.

If the fitting on the valve cover is fjo injector connected to the pressurized intake pipe fjo injector will pressurize the crankcase too. Mounts are sold with the ports facing left, right, or up.

As fjo injector above, rich mixtures are safe mixtures. If you have chosen to have the turbine housing on the driver side compressor on passenger side then you may need to move the radiator fan around to the other side of the radiator, modify the lower radiator hose, and perhaps relocate the battery highly recommended.


Using resources such as Group Buy CenterThe Parts Traderebayand the fjo injector section on many message forums can yield some great deals on quality parts. The compact design of the wastegate lends to the degradation of the diaphragm because it allows heat to transfer easily to the diaphragm.

Keep in mind that all B series fjo injector are interchangeable. Also be aware that a lean condition makes more heat. The results are quicker spool up and better all around fjo injector.

With the filter relocated oil fjo injector become much easier and a lot less fjo injector. As oil heats up over a certain point different with each different brand and weight of oil it breaks down molecularly and provides less and less lubrication. A fitting can also be welded onto the oil pan. Oil capacity will be increased if adding any of these components, don’t forget to add more oil.

An excellent source of information is the book “Maximum Boost: The best way to tune the engine is to start out with some base setting that are on the rich side.

This motor is particularly reliable as well. fjo injector

Fuel injecotr is just one aspect of engine management. Turbochargers operate on heat and exhaust gas velocity characteristics. They fjo injector take up less room and are cheaper than tubular manifolds. With new pistons, a decision about fjo injector ratios must be made. A simpler way to achieve the 2.