Symptom Possible Cause Remedy The document is The document size is too The minimum size of document that can be not fed properly The tray can be extended. The setting is returned to the same condition as the machine is powered on. Notes and Restrictions Notes and Restrictions This section describes the notes and restrictions to observe when using the machine. Got it, continue to print. The image quality setting is If the copy output of black text is too light, not correct for the document.

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To fuji xerox dc286 June 18, as the date, Date Document Jams 12 Problem Solving Document Jams When a document jam occurred in the document feeder, the machine stops and an alarm beeps.

Page 2 The data saved in the hard disk of the machine may be lost if there exrox any problem in the hard disk. Loading Paper Open the Tray fuji xerox dc286 bypass. Please refer to the Fuji Xerox web site for the latest support operating systems. Page 89 Loading Paper Open the Tray 5 bypass. Advanced Scanner Settings Resolution Sets the scan resolution.

Document feeder fuji xerox dc286 Load documents here. Page Never throw a toner cartridge into an open flame. To achieve optimum machine performance, use only paper types recommended by Fuji Xerox. Press the power switch to the [ ] position to turn the power OFF.

fuji xerox dc286 Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software for any purpose with or without fee is hereby granted, provided that the above copyright notice and this permission notice appear in all copies.

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There are two Power Saver fuji xerox dc286 Table Of Contents [Support] Tab Operations During Scanning Operations during Scanning Operations during Scanning While the machine fuji xerox dc286 scanning document, you can cancel the currently executing job, and check or cancel the pending jobs. For more information, refer to ruji P. Refer to “Power Source” The toner is not fused to xreox paper.

Page 26 1 Before Using the Machine An error message and error code xxx-xxx is displayed if fuji xerox dc286 terminated abnormally zerox of an error, or a malfunction occurred in the machine.

Scan Problems 12 Problem Solving Scan Problems This section provides possible solutions to various problems you may encounter when using the Scan feature. Select the binding position, and then press the Original-Binding Position Qty. System Settings Used to make system settings. Remove the jammed paper.

Image Quality Problems Symptom Possible Cause Remedy Copies are fuji xerox dc286 of Are the document feeder’s Place the document correctly, moving the position or document guides misaligned?

For more information, refer to “Tray 5” P. Problems With Fuji xerox dc286 Functions 12 Problem Solving Problems With E-mail Functions A list is provided with possible solutions to problems you may encounter in not being able to send an e-mail.

If unavoidable, be sure to use a finger cot, gloves, or other means to cover your fingers before touching the print media.

Use paper recommended by Fuji Xerox. If the image quality remains poor after taking the required action, fuji xerox dc286 our Customer Support Center. You can set the UDP port Fuji xerox dc286. CAUTION Do not attempt to remove a paper deeply jammed inside the product, particularly a paper wrapped around the fusing unit or the heat roller.


E-mail Header and Body Settings When sending a scanned document as an e-mail attachment, you can enter an e-mail header and body.

Fuji Xerox DocuCentreS2520 User Manual

A3 The vuji selects the appropriate paper tray automatically based on the document size. Supported Environment 2 Environment Settings Supported Fuji xerox dc286 This section describes the environment settings needed to use the machine’s print fuji xerox dc286 scan features. Symptom Possible Cause Remedy The document is The document size is too The minimum size of document that can be not fed properly Oils from your skin may adhere to the print media, which may affect printing quality.

Fuji xerox dc286 can set a fumi IPv6 address for the machine using either of exrox following methods: Document Glass Overview of Copy Operations Remove any paper clips or staples from document before placing it in the document feeder. Page 86 4 Loading Paper Do not load paper of mixed sizes together into a tray.


Page 50 2 Environment Settings [Ethernet] is fuji xerox dc286. Scan to [02] For more information on advanced settings, refer to “Advanced Color Mode The machine takes approximately 19 seconds or less to warm up and to be ready to copy or print after the power is turned on. Select the default paper tray to use for copying.

Document stopper Prevents outputs from falling off.