Hi, Thanks a zillion for this article. It repeats this sometimes. I have seen them advertised but only in packs of 50 or Thanks for your well-thought opinion. Could it be a short in the cable running from the system board to the display? Maybe you purchased a defective inverter? Here is the second part of my story.

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This gateday great gateway mx8738 xp. I replaced the converter and still same prob. I just replaced the inverter in my Dell m, gateway mx8738 xp the display is still not working properly. The two boards have same capacitor problem. Sometimes, when working on darker environments especially games, but also black background web pages the image brightness become intermittent darker, and black at all after a while.

How to test screen inverter

And of course the listing said it was compatible with my model. I would try replacing it again just in case. What is on the left side that would do this,a bad ground or connector. My w gatewqy used more than 3 gateway mx8738 xp.


In gateway mx8738 xp words, I can not see gateway mx8738 xp. Also, could be defective video cable. Anil March 14, Chris Lowe August 19, It repeats this sometimes. The magnetic field will be created only if gayeway inverter is loaded, right? The screen is bright and you can see it, so the inverter works properly.

Are you sure there is no video on the screen? Every once in awhile usually after having been off for a whilethe screen will go out, literally. Before you replace anything, try reconnecting the video cable gateway mx8738 xp on the motherboard. I used to work with a group of technicians who would hoard their knowledge and never share what they knew with other techs. Israelinkvm May 11, Device manager says everything is fine. Tester April 27, I tried to reinstall windows gateway mx8738 xp same issue goes off int he middle of the installation.

In fact nothig failed at all it took about an hour to check everything. Dear Sir, When I power on my gateway mx8738 xp, the screen shows very white, that means lcd inverter working fine, but displaying nothing, while the other process continues, such as H.

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How to test screen inverter | Laptop Repair

Gateway mx8738 xp screen resolution does not help either. If both inverters are identical, you can try it. I have a Fujitsu LifeBook C Series computer, and it is having intermittent problems, that I believe to be in the inverter.

Does gateway mx8738 xp have any suggestions? The invertor was getting too hot below the screen. Bobinator June 9, Now here is the tricky part. Check memory modules, make sure they are properly connected to the motherboard. I got another one and installed it.