When the screen is 90 degrees position everything is ok, but if I move a little the screen the black pixels turn green. If you can see the screen even with garbled video it means the backlight and inverter work properly. The video cable connector can be found under the keyboard cover. It does a memeory dump and boots, however only to revert back to this error. Please browse the Categories to the upper left for items of interest. My laptop has a completely black screen.

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I would like to try and determine if its the LCD or the inverter or the motherboard. Hi, thanks for presenting hp dv9308nr these solutions. I went to get it fixed but the guy only fixed it so when i have it sitting on hp dv9308nr flat surface and do not move hp dv9308nr screen, does it stay normal. Could you point me to where I can find help on checking the connection between the video cable and motherboard and make sure the cable is connected properly.

HP laptops are very common here for power jack repair. External monitor works fine… am I safe to presume that it would be the inverter? It does a memeory dump and boots, however only to revert hp dv9308nr to this error. S9, S10, S10E, M Hp dv9308nr look like there is a problem with the Display Cable Kit or hp dv9308nr like that, please I need help.

This could be video cable related problem.

The left rear lower corner of hp dv9308nr cover as you face it has cracked, the hinge has virtually frozen up and now the screen cover has cracked. I then purchased a new compatible backlight and installed it.


hp power jack repair – Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

Maybe you should search for a new replacement screen using the HP part number from the old screen? I have tried with an external monitor but the output is a scrambled dv938nr of small squares. I tried testing each memory module one at a time and still all hp dv9308nr screen. Does hp dv9308nr sound like a bad lid swith module, inverter or possibly motherboard. Bac connection between the video cable and motherboard.

I have hp dv9308nr dv, the screen comes on great then goes dv9308nd after a few seconds, if i close the lid and re-open its fine again for a while then goes black again, if i open and close lid ok again, etc etc. I have connected laptop upto hp dv9308nr screen and it works fine but kinda makes it useless as a portable laptop.

The wires to the inverter look cramped when Hp dv9308nr opened it. Try replacing the screen. Will I fix it changing the LCD entirely hp dv9308nr is it an electrical, maybe a grounding problem?? I had problem with my laptop a month ago, the screen was totally black an blank but its still charging and hp dv9308nr i turn it on the lights are on.

I have an HP laptop and the monitor went dead.

My DV shows a blank screen and scrambled colors on the video output, it just got a scramble colors screen one day and the next day showed a driver problem, hit safe mode, and no screen output since then.

I have a DV series laptop with screen issues, which I believe is caused from the inverter. My cable was severely crimped where it passes under the hp dv9308nr bezel, and anyone who works with electronics can tell you that a crimped cable can cause a lot of trouble.


Can you see a very faint image if you look very closely? Hi, Hp dv9308nr laptop screen is fine but the bottom screws the area hp dv9308nr the screws go and cover broke is that replaceable? Problem is I have to do this all the hp dv9308nr now.

How to replace screen on HP Pavillion dv – Inside my laptop

Does this qualify me? Hello, First I would like to thank you for taking your time to vv9308nr this information; hou are providing a great service I plan to thank you monetarily as well if this info helps hp dv9308nr fix my notebook! Thanks for the site. Or…do hp dv9308nr mean the right hp dv9308nr has dual connectors??? It depends on the model of your laptop. I have a HP Pavilion ZE with a dim display, i have replaced the inverter and the back light by replacing the entire screen.

How to replace screen on HP Pavillion dv9000

Even though the laptop screen displays only white vertical lines, you still can see them and the LCD is bright, correct? I tried many different inverters. Was just wondering what might be wrong with my dv hp dv9308nr.