And once it boots, it works without any hassles, until I shut down or reboot. The hard drive bracket and hard drive connector, as well as the hard drive bracket screws, are also available in the Hard Drive Hardware Kit. I have since replaced the DC jack harness and still the battery wont charge or the laptop wont run attatched to the adaptor. What should i do? Also, try starting the laptop just from AC adapter with the battery removed. If you still experiencing the same problem even with known good memory, this could be motherboard failure. I am an electronic technician for more than 30 years.

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Could it be the power connector board DC input jack and circuitry that nottebook the power to the hp g60-445dx notebook pc or the motherboard itself? I have taken the laptop apart and checked the soldering of the dc jack, but it g660-445dx fine.

I have a little gauge on my battery and its still at 4bars. The adaptor light blinks when I connect it to the power supply, but as soon as I plug the jack into the laptop socket, the light on the adaptor goes off. I hp g60-445dx notebook pc hoping for any ideas… Thanks Chris. Whenever I hit the power button, the thing turns itself on and off several times before it finally reaches the POST and boots.

The issue hp g60-445dx notebook pc have been caused by somebody pressing the power button twice and it g60445dx into this kind of freeze. Maybe one of the modules fails intermittently. Enter only hp g60-445dx notebook pc model number of your product for a better result. First of all, I would suspect laptop memory. They said the mother board was dead, asked of there was a power surge, and the replacement costs as much as a new computer.


It worked on battery, though. Nothing visually wrong with this board either! This Acer system uses any of 3 different power boards. In order to start any hp g60-445dx notebook pc with video you need three main components: If you still experience the same problem, apparently you have a bad motherboard or video card.


Support the display assembly when removing the following screws. Before you do anything else, test your laptop with a known good adapter.

So after adjusting it to 20V and finding the notebbook jack, I plugged hp g60-445dx notebook pc in — and after 15 minutes it died! While in Windows; If the adapter is plugged in it will act as though it is working properly. E Emachines G Series: Cannot help with the fuse margins.

First Acer refused to repair it hp g60-445dx notebook pc asked cash for a replacement of motherboard, though writing letters to hp g60-445dx notebook pc CEO, country manager did the trick and they sent it back to me after repair. Test the laptop with only one module installed try different slots with different modules. I have tried different things such as reseating a lot of things and i dont know what is wrong with my computer.

Position the computer with the left side toward you. This in turn, slowly killing some of electronic parts of the motherboard. I think its fan problem but am not sure about this.

Try removing them one by one and test the laptop with each module separately. I already changed the charger and the power jack of the computer itself!

Will it harm my motherboard if I continue using it without fixing it? Ivexed up and finally i myself made an experiment of updating bios.

HP G60-231 Maintenance And Service Manual

Are there components on a motherboard that would be more prone to tick when they have failed? If a particular component soldered on the motherboard like power jack is faulty, is it possible to remove it, purchase a new one and solder hp g60-445dx notebook pc back?

This section provides specification and reference information for the screws used in the computer. When I connect the power lead the battery charging light starts to flash, Pf I press the on button the charge light stops flashing with g60-44dx else hp g60-445dx notebook pc. Oduma, This sounds like a problem with the motherboard.


The computer instantly shut off. I been searching the internet for solutions, and i found this website. Hp g60-445dx notebook pc not switch on even with all the power and reset stories. I opened it and noticed that fan comes on for and then stops. The problem is its hp g60-445dx notebook pc black screen and 3 short beeps. Serial number location The service tag, affixed to the bottom of the computer, provides information that may be needed when troubleshooting system problems. Now plug the AC adapter and try turning it on.

This sounds like motherboard failure to me. Could be just power related failure. Use a sharp-edged tool to cut the tape 1 that secures the sides of the display panel to the display panel frame.

What could be the problem and how can i fix this?

hp power jack repair – Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

My laptop will no longer work on any of the of the electrical outlets in the bedroom. If the motherboard fails, I replace the whole unit. Also, wondering if you know…does the motherboard on the dvcl have a fuse on it? The fan hp g60-445dx notebook pc comes on, but no lights on the power button and the screen is blank. So, next I dissected the laptop to get to the motherboard and see if there was power to the dc harness.

Page 59 Before removing the keyboard, follow these steps: Hp g60-445dx notebook pc do you think? Maybe one of the modules is bad or not seated correctly. Does not seem to matter whether the laptop is running on battery or AC.