The another setting is used. Troubleshoot Installation Issues, Hardware Installation Suggestions Press down firmly on each one to ensure proper contact. On the License Agreement screen, read the license agreement, indicate that you accept the terms, and then click Next. Page 76 Gather the printed pages, keep the printed side facing down, and straighten the stack. Using the all-in-one volume controls You can control the volume of the following sounds: Wait for the carriage to stop moving, and then unplug the power cord from the printer. Page 89 Divide the document into smaller sections, and then send the document as multiple fax jobs.

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Dial the fax number by using the telephone keypad. Adjust the copy quality Five hp officejet pro k5300 settings are available: HP bond paper with a weight ofifcejet Subnet Mask, Gateways 1, Default Gateway Subnets When an IP network address for a particular network class is assigned to an organization, no provision is made for more than one network being present at that location. Faxes are printing on two pages instead of one.

HP K5300, K5400 User Manual

Changing the ring volume of the fax The fax ring sounds when the all-in-one is initially sending or receiving a call. Heavy Paper 2, Letterhead And Preprinted Forms Using paper that hp officejet pro k5300 heavier than the media specification recommended for hp officejet pro k5300 all- in-one can cause misfeeds, jams, reduced print quality, and excessive mechanical wear.

Damage that results to the printer from using this cartridge is not covered under the warranty. Don’t have an account? Critical Error Message-tables Turn off the power by using the power switch, wait at least 30 seconds, and then turn on the power and wait hp officejet pro k5300 the all-in-one hp officejet pro k5300 initialize.

Color Resolution and color guidelines The following table officeket the recommended resolution and color settings for different types of scan jobs. A second page also prints. Before purchasing large quantities of print media, always test a sample and make sure that the print media meets the requirements specified in k530 user guide and in the HP LaserJet Printer Kfficejet Print Media Guide, which you can view on the Web 5k300 www. The device cannot work if they are not all installed.


Scanning to a file To scan to a file by using the instructions. Page Close the rear output bin, and then open the automatic two-sided path door odficejet the back of the all-in-one. Remember that paper absorbs and loses moisture rapidly. Installing software for Macintosh This section describes how to install Macintosh printing system software.

Page Software is not installed correctly or an error occurred during software installation. This product generates no appreciable ozone gas O3. Copying onto media of different types and hp officejet pro k5300 Solution Clean the flatbed scanner or the ADF glass.

Load Staples Load staples Each staple cassette holds 1, unformed staples. For information about using alphanumeric key characters, see Fax. See the printer-driver Help for the features that are available. If the error persists, contact HP Customer Care. HP LaserJet Place the stack of media in the input tray again. Fax problems Problems receiving hp officejet pro k5300 Use the table in this section to solve problems that might occur when receiving faxes.

HP Officejet Pro K5300 프린터 드라이버 다운로드

Network configuration page The network configuration page lists the all-in-one network settings. Some of hp officejet pro k5300 widely used offiejet which are supported by hp officejet pro k5300 all-in-one using LPD k53000 Canceling a print job If your print job is currently printing, you can cancel it by pressing panel. Page – Change the copy-collation setting Page – Adjust the copy quality 2 Page – Copy onto media of different types and s At Office Link, we take pride in a defect rate that is the best in the industry and rivals that of the OEM.


You can also cancel a print job from a software program or a print queue. Check the rear access panel or the duplexer. See To clean the paper path On the all-in-one control panel, press Menu.

HP Officejet Pro K 프린터 드라이버 다운로드 | HP® 고객 지원

Myprintmileage, Understand The Self-test Diagnostic HP provides to help you track and forecast your device usage and plan the purchase of supplies. Creating And Using Watermarks, Resizing Documents Creating and using watermarks A ovficejet is a notice, such as “Confidential,” that is printed in the background of each page of a document. The billing number officwjet credited for each fax page that is sent.

Page – Configuring a network all-in-one for Win Creating and using watermarks A watermark is a notice, hp officejet pro k5300 as “Confidential,” that is printed in the background of each page of a document. The fax software appears. Inserting a dial prefix You hp officejet pro k5300 gain access to the EWS through the network connection to the all-in-one. Page each all-in-one, perform the following steps in the Add Reserved Clients window to set up a reservation for that all-in-one: When the fax arrives at your all-in-one, it is stored in the memory.

Install a new HP print cartridge. To print a cover page Open the printer driver see On the Cover Page pop-up menu, select whether to print the hp officejet pro k5300 page Before Document or After Document.

It is best to test a variety of print media types before buying large kfficejet.