Also, this little player allows us to play music while slide showing our photos… Very cool. You now have Cinavia in your blu ray player. You either need HDI to add it to the player via a firmware update or you would need to encode the file into another supported format. Let me know if you have any other questions Cheers Damian. Players before a certain year I forget which only had to voluntarily support Cinavia which Sony decided to do.

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But, reading some more about the USB part… do you know if it can and needs to handle more than 4gb? Many AVRs, especially high end, connect with Itunes as well. Mark, Honestly not sure what the issue could be. This is something that is important for me to test since you never know where a player will end up.

Some players such as the Boxee Iomega screenplay pro hd you would manage the jukebox from gd player itself. Iomega screenplay pro hd this the correct decision?

Normal meaning no weird ghost files in the movie listings.

Once again though, it would be curious to see what Slysoft considered the likelihood of a bad rip happening due to this. Only recently has a newer Sigma chip come out which is in the PCH seriesand with this are various bugs.

I now have my iomega screenplay pro hd movie collection on my Zappiti wall on my laptop.

The computers themselves show up, but the folders on each machine will not. So in theory, the Dune and others handle 3D sbs.

Has anyone been able to get a gigabit ethernet usb adapter to work with the Dune D1? Considering the price differences. You will however be required iomega screenplay pro hd have a monitor on or screeenplay if there is possibly an App which I believe there are for the PCH if you want to try and bypass a monitor. Is it really needed for simple movie playback? Bluetooth feature which allows connection to bluetooth headphones, bluetooth speakers and bluetooth karaoke microphones.


Dear Defunkt, Iomega screenplay pro hd TV has not so much to do with this. Regional and national ballet and concerts will be available for iomeg viewing, ud will local news, current affairs, and political updates from the perspective of Asian reporters. Had another site that sells DUNE? Login the folder and upload your HTML files. A simple solution for the bland stock UI would be to more tightly integrate the 3rd party jukeboxes into the UI the easiest way would be to allow the user to have the Dune load directly into the jukebox of their iomwga.

Iomega screenplay pro hd should I better use a 2TB Disk? Honestly I have never attached a drive to my D1 to play discs. Manufacturers give misleading information regarding clock speed.

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That is just the older model. Navigating around mkvs with the directional keys is actually very easy to do but having proper mkv chapter iomdga should be a given. I have not finished reading the long AVS forum thread http: Supposedly in the next fw update they will iomega screenplay pro hd adding iomega screenplay pro hd support for mkvs as well as a new stock UI no clue what this will look like. On two separate computers, I have various folders with media content I want to see on the Dune, but it will not show up.

I was just thinking since there are wifi dongles that work. I know a lot of people who have problems setting up W7 for smb sharing on various devices so glad you got that sorted out.


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NAS are really meant from streaming content to dedicated players such as a Dune, HTPC, etc… and not for being connected directly to a display for playback. Iomega USA iomega screenplay pro hd the problem and said future models starting February would come with password security enabled by default. I also hope to take a closer look at yaDIS 2.

As far as playback there will iomega screenplay pro hd no difference. I do scteenplay very little experience in this area though I use my PC for any sort of recordings.

Damian, thanks again for your guides. It can be very confusing at times. What do I know. Thank you in advance. TV TV mk2.

Review: Dune HD Smart D1 Media Player

It appears there is one bug with the IP firmware prro if you have PGS subtitles in mkvs it craps out it is a little confusing though as the IP fw I have does not have iomega screenplay pro hd bug but the newer IP fw does. Actually a firmware update a month ago added mkv chapter support! S marketand if more media players continue to add online content Dune runs the risk of being left behind.

Thanks in advance Nikos. Iomega started business in Roy, Utah in the firm moved its headquarters to San Diego in You are correct that the USB drive will sdreenplay to have two partitions, one for system iomega screenplay pro hd and one for your data storage i.