My big complaint is dealer based. But have had trouble with the bobbin case twisting and getting ruined! With a phone call before appearing in his shop, I can usually take it in and get it looked at while I wait! I use all types of thread with no issues when following the manufacturer tension instructions. Janome Memory Craft QC. Bobin jams and is very noisy. Feet and Attachments Huge range of feet and attachments.

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She and her son said No!

The machine does nothing but jam and skip and ruin janome memory craft 10000 we try. But Janome memory craft 10000 will say that I was trained on this machine and I give lessons to all of them that are sold in our company, so maybe that is why my customers do not have problems with them.

All of the tension woes and continuous tangles deacribed by others has happened to me. GrannyJan18 I love this machine! If I could afford it I would trade it jamome for a Viking sewing machine.

Janome Sewing Machine Parts

Creating Rolled Hems Topic: When I sold it, I always sat the new buyer down and explained the importance of the snap and the thread being verticle. Maybe its repair record is not bad kanome to be called a lemon such janome memory craft 10000 it can be replaced. I really love all the helpful hints I have gotten from this site…. Also, having learned a little repair at the shop….


I was trying to use a 4G. Not sure why this is happening with these people. I bought this machine and it worked okay for about a year…. All the bobbin casings that I got before I knew about the take-up lever still work and I reuse them with no janome memory craft 10000. Nina I had a Janome and upgraded to Hazel I had a Janome embroidery machine loved it but felt I wished to up grade so bought the just after it was released. I also have the Brother Innovis 1. I will be taking some free lessons from my dealer and they will show me all the new features on the machine.

I have had my SE since early spring and I love mine! I have completed approx. Resize the design then have another go. If you have a trade-in, it also helps. The colored screen is clear and very informative. I have found that if I clean out the lint after every project and change needles regularly janome memory craft 10000 operates like a charm. My computer has gone bad twice.

This machine is a lot nicer than the Whatever is the case, I am left without a machine, during the highest personal demand time. Saving for a Bernina.

‘How to’ Videos

Janoe does seem to be a bit touchy that way. When embroidering I keep getting a false error reading telling me the thread is cut and I need to rethread the machine.

Almost from the day I bought it I janome memory craft 10000 problems with the bobbin case. Clothsetter Table Learn how to use the Clothsetter Table as an extension table. Everytime I take it in the shop tells me it is all my fault.


Change your needles every – stitches, esp.

Threading and tension is an important factor and can affect janome memory craft 10000 operation of the machine.

I initially thought it was user inexperience with computerized functions. Hi Ladies, I janome memory craft 10000 one of these se 18months ago. Does anyone know of a dealer who responds to phone consultations regarding tech problems? My first Janome was a New Home before Janome took over which is about 20 years old. The other thing when doing embroidery is proper balance on the bobbin thread. Ultraglide Foot Learn how to use the Ultraglide Foot to sew sticky fabrics like clear vinyl.

Crzft did I trade in my 11? When menory happens it will sometimes throw the design position out, hence ruining the embroidery.

Janome Memory Craft (MC) Reviews

Shirley I have had my Janome mc for 2 years and have had alot of different problems with it. I just have to say that it is the most awesome and easy to use machine I have ever had and I have had many expensive Berninas, Janome memory craft 10000, and Babylocks. Also, get it professionally cleaned by your Janome Rep emmory months.