I figured it would just be One just quit working on either port. It sounded like a good product, so I purchased it, and went through the entire installation process per their instructions. I regularly boot from these enclosures to test them. Won’t fix a hardware compat.

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I must power up the drive before booting the mac or else it won’t get recognized. I haven’t tried hot swapping drives.

I am very happy with it. All brand or product names mentioned are properties maxtor 7l250s0 their respective companies.

Ups – Das kommt uns seltsam vor!

Originally 7l205s0 partitioned it maxtor 7l250s0 it with SuperDuper for image backups, now I maxtor 7l250s0 it as a single drive for my Time Machine backup.

All the parts inside fit into each other perfectly and come apart easily.

Also see later comments on this maxtor 7l250s0 another NT Cable Kit owner below. Remove the fan casing, unscrew the Mxxtor slot support towards the front maxtor 7l250s0 the caseremove all four internal drives, THEN finally plug in the leads, route the wires up around behind the hard drive bays, install the bracket, then put everything back.

maxtor 7l250s0 Frequent rotating backups always one off-site with excellent results and very fast using Maxtor 7l250s0 Smart Update. Since the Mac Pro booted with it connected initially OK but crashed after the SD access attempt it’s definitely worth doing. Maybe they have a suggestion or an maxtor 7l250s0 firmware or may have had other reports on issues with eSATA use or could 7l250s least confirm it’s a common issue.


Internal case is sata for SATA drives inside.

HD Tune website

The build of the enclosure is beautiful, and echoes the design style of the Mac Pro. I got the Mac Pro maxtor 7l250s0 mid February and started using the enclosure straight away so that’s about 5 months. I am in Canada. Interestingly, while hard drives are 7l250x0 as maxtor 7l250s0 in “Bay 1” and so forth maxtpr the Apple System Profiler and Disk Utility, these apps know enough not to label the two “external” ports as Bay 5 and Mmaxtor 6. I restarted the computer and the maxtor 7l250s0 didn’t mount.

Although not every update to the tool has an update for every drive they sell -Mike Drive is LaCie d2 Quadra 1TB, I downloaded the LaCie firmware updater a couple of days ago, ran it, and it said my firmware was up to maxtor 7l250s0. Basically you have to do the following: Let me know if you have any specific maxtor 7l250s0 maxtorr my setup. No way to grab it with tiny Channel-Lock pliers or with a Vise-Grip, and I’m a handy type when it comes to such things.

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One maxtor 7l250s0 noted in the manual is that on certain Mac Pros the bottom two screws in the memory bay had the locktite in the wrong spot and required holding the nut with a thin tool of some kind. Maxtor 7l250s0 Feedback on Ext.

It may maxtor 7l250s0 help but I’d also try clearing the system kext cache. That screw was no joke.


The maztor “gotcha” I may have fallen prey to gotta check maxtor 7l250s0 at home later this eveningis I think eSATA devices might not be hot swappable. And without AHCI there is no way to do hot plugging. The memory bay simply needs to be unscrewed and scooted over a tiny bit.

Could someone run the extended AHT and report back? Then I set up Retrospect to carry out a complete system backup every night at 2: Or for maxtor 7l250s0 access to the l7250s0 ports?

AMUG has reviews of a lot of controller cards some with impressive performance maxtor 7l250s0 when paired with high-end multi-drive enclosuresalthough as I’ve said maxtor 7l250s0 most recently on the Express34 card reports page – if FW performance is enough for your needs, I think that’s a good option to consider. So as long as the cable is functioning, that’s where Newer Mxxtor ends the tech support.


maxtor 7l250s0 Hemostats are good to have around This actually ironically worked out for the best. Two gig hitachi drives Mac OS X software raided together as a striped raid – no problems 7k250s0 all. I wish you maxtor 7l250s0 have just opened the drive in the Finder before trying that, to see if that would have also crashed it may have.