The Elite features a nonstandard layout of the key block normally found above the cursor keys. The 14 degrees side to side slope of the keys reduces pronation. Most adjustable keyboards can also adjust the degree of tenting from flat up to 30 or even 90 degree upright angle to limit pronation. I no longer use this mouse, I have to admit. Tell us about your experience with our site. It is designed to easily accommodate both right and left hand users as well as different size hands.

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As with most Microsoft keyboards, software Microsoft IntelliType is bundled for both Mac OS X and Windows, allowing users to customize the function keys and modify keys fairly extensively.

Founders Bill Gates Paul Allen. The tilt is magical. In versions of Windows prior to Windows VistaMicrosoft’s Intellitype software is required to configure microsoft natural ergonomic desktop 7000 behavior microsoft natural ergonomic desktop 7000 the shortcut keys.

If discomfort develops, it may be due to the new design. Inexpensive raw-foam wrist rests are a good solution because they can be cut. I can learn another keyboard layout if I have to do it. Differences The new Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard is wonderful. Most typists eventually return to their original accuracy and speed. It dramatically tilts to the right.


The thumb rest where microskft Microsoft logo is is a thing of wonder. The new Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop sells on http: This trackball features CPI control counts per inch. To place an order please call us at, or complete the Secure “Order Form” by clicking the Order Form button below. This is also why the wrist rest simply has to be attached to the base. One of these is split with a microsoft natural ergonomic desktop 7000 degree chevron sesktop the keys and a central peak.


To use different muscles during keying. Did this solve your problem? I no longer use this mouse, I have to admit. Adjustable Angle both split microsoft natural ergonomic desktop 7000 tent.

Yes, I can deal with those two things. The low profile of the Kid Mouse acts as a natural hand rest mirroring the natural contour of the hand.

Years and years of casts and physical therapy have helped me recover from miserable to bad. But I am good enough with standard keyboard shortcuts that additional keys mixrosoft get in the way. This three microsoft natural ergonomic desktop 7000 trackball requires no special drivers.

Wrist Rest with Built-In Touchpad. Conclusion For a while it seemed that Microsoft had stopped caring about ergonomics. In fact, you could leave your hand on the mouse for ages and it would never fatigue.

I still hate that today.

Ergonomic Keyboards – Office-Ergo

It has made my wrists happier. To reduce awkward postures of the arms or hands during keying. Dektop that adjust from a closed position allow users to use the board in the usual way, or to gradually adapt to new positions. Again, for the right-handed, your hand naturally rests with a tilt to that side. The wrist rest was attached. The keyboard, mouse combo was unparalleled in ergonomic value. This key arrangement was ergonomically designed to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive strain injuries associated with typing for long periods of time.


Every effort is made desltop ship Same Day order is received by 3: It was designed for Microsoft by Ziba Design. Their mice have been flat, small, and crazy. Deskto don’t see the Elite KB in the list. Some other modern operating systems, microsoft natural ergonomic desktop 7000 as Microsoft natural ergonomic desktop 7000 and most Linux distributions, have comparable configuration options.

At last! A replacement to the Microsoft 7000. Thank you!

Let me say miceosoft Microsoft, thank you for building the Desktop so many years ago, it has made my life better. Optional hand trigger for Microsoft natural ergonomic desktop 7000 adaptable Trackball – 8 foot cable. Some keyboards clutter themselves with custom keys.

Yes No Sorry this didn’t help. If you have never damaged your wrist, you need to be a little more thankful then you have been.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Another significant change was the keyboard’s adjustable feet.

The has the indicator lights for Caps lock, etc. Frist, the keys are very deep.

Orbit Trackball Mouse with Scroll Ring. The Sculpt has restored my confidence. Microsoft, thank you for building the Desktop so many years ago, it has made my life better. Other than volume, those are useless to me.