Garypp Attachment s Attachments are not available: For bit systems, you might notice that under the winusb directory is a directory labelled amd The converter should work with Type 4 keyboards too. CinziaG morite Total Posts: I’ve tried uninstalling the driver and re-installing fromthe directory “C: Lab1 SD card Audio Player: I copied the “Switcher” directory to “C:

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User Control Panel Log out. Development Tools What tools do I need? If you have an socket-based PIC programmer you can leave it out.

In conclusion, getting the special keys to work in Windows entails changing their mode hold scroll lock and press the key to change and using software to map the now recognized mpkab to a function.

If you have a mplab icd2 usb OS you MUST execute mplab icd2 usb in administrator mode right click on the driverswitcher icon and then select run as administrator regards 3.

With the provided Hoekey configuration this is a piece of cake. Anybody know what is causing it?

Warning “hex file has the debug bit set” with MPLAB V3.61

Anyone else come across this? The converter’s Mplab icd2 usb communication is heavily based on Brad Minch’s project 2 firmware, so my thanks go out to him.

Have you tried using the driver switcher? If you want to discuss contents of this page – this is the easiest way to do it. Mplab icd2 usb copied the “Switcher” directory to “C: The ISCP connector is used to program the chip, see software below.

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The converter built as a PIC18F based prototype setup. These include the the volume, power, and ‘Sun’ keys help, stop, again, etc. Switch Operation on a Local Network Nplab I have talked to the factory and they have no solutions and have told me not to call them mplab icd2 usb. I’m still getting used to Harmony and it’s way of mplab icd2 usb things. If you have a 64bits OS you MUST execute driverswitcher in administrator mode right click mplab icd2 usb the driverswitcher icon and then select run as administrator regards.

Thanks in advance, Attachment s Attachments are not available: An application such as Hoekey mplab icd2 usb then be used to assign functions to them. There isb a manual procedure or the Windows method to install the driver that also doesn’t work. Forum Themes Elegant Mobile. Here ‘s the settings needed to let the keys work with Hoekey ; I’ve set up some basic functions for most keys. Change the name also URL address, possibly the category of the page.

Sun keyboard to USB converter Note that a newer version has been released.

Sun keyboard to USB converter – 01

See page 2 for a more in-depth description of how the converter works and its source code. Lab2 SD lcd2 Audio Player: Click on Install this software anyway. I then browsed to the “C: To further ush matters a Sun keyboard has the modifier keys alt,meta,etc in other positions than a PC keyboard. Locate and install driver software manually. Please search in the installation directory to the Driverswitcher application and execute it make sure to connect your tool BEFORE to launch driverswitcher.


Review the Application Code Step To change a key’s setting, just hold scroll lock and press the key. This allows the special keys to report scan codes that work mplab icd2 usb Windows and can then be mapped to a function and the modifier and style dependent keys to be changed to your preferred mplab icd2 usb.

If you would, please mplab icd2 usb a copy of the Switcher folder found in the “Program Files x86 ” path and place uab in the “Program Files” subdir.

It is needed by mplab icd2 usb debugger pickit3, ICD3, Generate Harmony Code Step 5: Review the Application Code Step 8: Select Browse my computer for driver software: The Sun keyboards have a number of keys that aren’t present on a standard PC keyboard.