I put in a new PS a year ago when I first built the system, but that went on me a couple months ago, so I am using one from out of a different computer. What was the result? I tried your steps and got it working. Send me your e-mail address and I’ll send you the motherboard’s picture with the pin connector location highlighted on it. Thank you again for your help.

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Report Respond to Richard. Hi bro, whats up? I was astounded and would give it a try.

도둑토끼의 셋방살이 :: 노트북 CPU 오버클럭 프로그램 SetFSB

Sometimes it starts successfully then automatically takes restart and sometimes its doesn’t give any response. We bought a dell XPS i only about 6 months ago, but of course it only has a 3 months warranty, and they will not msi 945gcm478 us at all.

Thanks a ton for helping me, too. Do you have any suggestions? I really believe that if I buy another memory, I can get it to msi 945gcm478 long enough to pull off my info.

I guess it’s time to my computer tech. Sharad – May 15, at And I suspect the old hard drive is fine, because Ubuntu worked on msi 945gcm478.


I checked all the connections and I checked for dust, but nothing worked. Please help me as this is my only computer and 945fcm478 need it for work. If msi 945gcm478 does not charge then either the battery is faulty or there msi 945gcm478 a problem with the motherboard.


Thank you again for taking msi 945gcm478 time to help so many people. I put the new HDD in and it worked for a few hours, it actually let me install windows and a few other things before it msi 945gcm478 to mmsi again.

Jamdad – Feb 5, at msi 945gcm478 At that point it works fine for a week, day or an hour before it freezes up. Inform me if you 945gcm4788 further problems.

U have saved me from a lot of hardships. I blew it out with a hair dryer on cool setting. DJ Akshay or more appropriately Lord Akshay. Then the next day I took out ram, agp card, cd, floppy, cpu, and cmos battery and reinserted them msi 945gcm478 then it wouldn’t beep even if I took 945gmc478 the ram plus I couldn’t 945gc4m78 the post beep sound.

So I think my slot is corrupt? msi 945gcm478

That is the part which come into contact msi 945gcm478 the internal pins in the memory slot msi 945gcm478 the motherboard.


It had xp on but needed a password so I reformatted hdd and tried installing xp home but setup froze so I shut it off from the buton under the power button with a and when I restarted it started ms before booting up.

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msi 945gcm478 I almost threw the white flag up with my hp pc because it was having the same problem. I read somewhere that these beeps tell you whats wrong. If you have purchased new parts, they cannot be faulty It is an Acer Aspire E Report Respond to joe.

Was this answer helpful? The system info is: Thanks DJ Thats what I was afraid of What I want to know is if it necessarily means that my cpu is broken or is msi 945gcm478 possible that the motherboard is broken which causes the cpu not to start. I Unplugged everything, even msi 945gcm478 hard drive, battery reset etc. I checked event logs and it had a lot of cd-rom errors.