But you say that when you unplug the video cable from the motherboard the external screen shows perfect video. It is no possible to run 3D soft and games. When you turn on the laptop it starts absolutely normal but after a while minutes the image disappears from the screen and it turns solid gray color with a few white horizontal lines running across the entire screen. I move the display and it will come on again. Unfortunately, the problem remained and got worst.

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I took the laptop apart and checked every wire in the cable going to the display and could not find any problems sustem the cable.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen | Laptop Repair

This line shows up from the moment the computer turns nc8000 base system device and is booting. Have you had any problem between screen and WiFi?. This is a problem with the LCD screen, you cannot fix it simply reseating the video cable. It could be a major issue with the LCD screen or with the video card.

Does this devife like a bad LCD?

Subscribe – HP internal HP employees and contingent workers. Yesterday the line was gray and this morning it was working fine. I think devlce is the switch but, I would like your opinion. QuickSpecs is evolving and improving, stay on top of the latest development by subscribing to QuickSpecs News.

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Read comment 52 in this thread posted by Bradd in response to a guy with a similar problem. Nc8000 base system device, It sounds like a screen failure to me. Could be loose video cable. Below is a link to my screen while XP nc8000 base system device booting.

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As soon as I turned on the laptop, I was getting these reddish marks on the LCD screen but not on the external monitor. I have checked that the graphics card and connectors are all seated correctly.

In my case it was happening because the wireless antenna cable was damaged and the wire got exposed. If the hard dive is detected and you can access nc8000 base system device, probably there is nothing wrong with the hard drive itself and you have an issue with the motherboard. Thanks for your response.

I have a Gateway SD4. I have an old S which, within a few minutes of running, shows an increasing amount of random pixel trash on the screen — similar to some of your screenshots both on LCD and external monitor; shows as corrupted ASCII characters during boot-up. The laptop is unable to get a good startup even if the display starts out ok, in the end some sort of display problem happens.

I am having the same problem as shown in the first three photos above. Accidentally I turned of WiFi of my laptop and surprise!! I have nc8000 base system device Toshiba Cn8000 P30 here with a video problem. Nc8000 base system device but I can still figure out my problem.


This test will help you baase find out if the hard drive is bad. Greg, Have nc8000 base system device tested if the laptop works fine with an external screen before you replaced the internal Nc8000 base system device I bought it at a garage sale hoping to crack it open and look at the parts.

If the lines are still there, even when you are in BIOS, then it would be nv8000 hardware related problem, most likely a bad screen.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen

I devlce it on a external crt monitor and it looks good i have also tried it on a tv through the s-video cable and it looks properly too. It means there is nothing wrong with the inverter. This also sounds like a problem with the LCD screen. Thank you for providing all of the laptop lcd tips. Nc8000 base system device the video card separate or part of the motherboard?