This time the speakeasy test using Bruce sent a link to a previous Apple forum thread on Macs and Cable Modems: Most had 3rd party bases. Heimnetzwerktechnologien Alte Heimnetzwerktechnologien Back to Heimnetzwerktechnologien. I don’t have any Macs with

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Switches Smart Switches Back to Switches. It does cause connectivity issues and a decrease in overall WiFi range. Broadcom Bluetooth Software and Driver. The fix is to just not put it in the slot until after it’s awake or booted. Iperf essentially uses a “server” that listens on a specific port on one machine and a client that makes a connection to a user-specified machine to connect to the server version and check the connection throughput.

I did find that connections did not always survive sleep, but when it did not, all that was necessary was to unplug and re-plug the DWA’s USB connection. I’m very netgear rangemax next wireless pci adapter wn311b with the purchase.

Unfortunately my router is 2. Sony Alps Device with trace filter. Unplugging the cable spun down the fan. Ralink Bluetooth Software Driver.

In fact, I did not have to update the driver because I have had the N-Extreme Basestation and software for a week or so.

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I have one Airport Extreme Base Station “N” on the second floor about 45′ walking distance or 25′ linear awayalmost as far away as I can get in my home and the signal strength is better than my previous “g” Rangenax, in the same location.


I asked if he tested video playback from the drive when connected to the base and if so to netgear rangemax next wireless pci adapter wn311b back on performance and what resolution video was used. I really wish Apple would offer I had previously reported poor performance after updating my netgar macbookpro to a mac pro card.

Broadcom LAN Driver version 3. I will test with encryption off and MAC filtering on, of course for security tonight.

No more than any mixed mode use. And no one getting better pricing than your readers on this line. There are a couple of things to consider.

If any reader tries one of these or another RAlink based adapter with the OS X driver downloads, let me know. Broadcom BCM Bluetooth 2. I’ve seen this behavior in the past as well.

HP Gigabit Server Adapter. The write speeds are a joke – i am still in contact with apple about this. Acer Netgear rangemax next wireless pci adapter wn311b N Network Adapter.

Network Utility reports the following speeds connect rates: It usually attains kbps with my Linksys nettear router and got the same speed with the Apple Extreme N using the cnet test. Asus BT Port V5. Lexmark T Laser Printer series.


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Broadcom Bluetooth Design Firmware Update. Remember that the enabler is included with the new Airport Extreme Base, so if you’re buying one of those there’s no need to buy the Enabler separately.

Wirelless Bluetooth Driver, G, G Broadcom Bluetooth Driver 2. Does that mean some new Mac builds already have it? I asked if he’d applied wireess Airport Acer Netgear rangemax next wireless pci adapter wn311b Driver version 6.

There is no other network in the area but i tried different channels and at least no encryption. My main objective was to speed up transfer of files from my Macbook to my windows server via wireless transfer.

I’m suspecting that these cards may be extremely sensitive to static discharge. Asus WiFi Adapter V4.