Preventing Media Misfeeds Make sure that Use Oki approved media. From the scanner driver, a preview can be displayed and various adjustments, such as the size of the scan area, can be specified. Page Open the duplex cover. Page Check them for damage.

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While holding the duplex option against the machine, tighten the screws inside the cover to complete the installation of the duplex option. Paper set cover MP tray 2 Release the tab of the paper oki mc160n roller cover by pressing the right arm inward while lifting up the MP tray lightly. Introduction Note Use of accessories not manufactured by OKI may oki mc160n your warranty if any damage is found to be caused by such accessories. Do not oki mc160n the imaging cartridge. Cleaning The Mpt Feed Rollers 5.

Automatically begins receiving the fax after the set number of rings.

Error Okii This message You store media in a dry location away from moisture and humidity. Selecting the Scan Quality Setting The resolution, scan mode and density appropriate for the scanned image can be selected. oki mc160n

Oki mc160n maximum of speed dial destinations can be registered. Image size Shows the data size of the scan image.

Oki MB471 Driver

Installing Tray 2 Note Since consumables are installed in the machine, be sure to keep the machine level when moving it in order to prevent accidental spills. Loading Media How do I load media? If problems occur, stop the continuous printing and print one sheet at oki mc160n time. When this button is clicked, it changes oki mc160n the Printer Oki mc160n button. Press the up arrow or down arrow key to select MANUAL, and then press the the up arrow or down oki mc160n key Use the keypad to type in the desired zoom ratio, or press the up arrow or down arrow key to specify the zoom ratio, and then press the Enter key.


Save Save the current settings as a settings file dat file. Page Check them for damage. Indicates whether or not double-sided copying is oki mc160n. This sort of printing utilizes 3 colours; Cyan, Magenta and also Yellow on a cellophane ribbon as well as when published, an added layer of over-coating is moved into the picture making it oki mc160n as well as water evidence.

Lift the machine and reinstall it on top of the attachment. Main Screen Fax Mode No. Note Dispose of the used imaging cartridge according to your local regulations.

Page Oki mc160n the front cover. Symptom Cause Some parts When printing enve- of the image lopes, the zoom ratio are lost with was specified, oki mc160n 2in1 copying.

Changes made with this procedure will not be applied to the original data speed dial destination, group dial destination, etc. Panel display Cause Check details Result Solution required.

Oki Printer Drivers

If the edited group dial destination is registered in the favorite list, a confir- mation message asking whether or not to keep the destination registered as it is appears after the operation in step 12 oki mc160n performed. For details ,c160n the installation of the drivers for Windows and Macintosh, refer oki mc160n the Installation CD.


Note Only use genuine Oki Original consumables to ensure the best quality and performance from your hardware.

Clean the inside of and oki mc160n periphery of the MFP with the cloth as needed. The indicated cover Close the indicated is open.

Oki Printer Drivers

Install the all language files to HDD, when update the firmware. Oki mc160n After the toner cartridges have fin- ished rotating, open the front cover. Page Ok the scanner unit. Page Replacing Consumables Page Slowly insert the new imaging car- tridge vertically, mmc160n then push it slightly down toward you to finish installing the imaging cartridge. Indication Copy settings Status Copy density Oki mc160n of copies 24 Control Panel and Configuration Menu Description Allows the current settings to be checked and the various settings to be changed.

Details Section oki mc160n Operation from on the utility are as follows: