I had the exact same problem. I’ve also checked for an environment variable that is overriding this setting and couldn’t find one. Chris’ solution worked for me as well. Meet the top members of our Expert Awards. DataAccess’ or one of its dependencies. Everyone should uninstall Oracle and follow Chris’ solution above top answer. However, you sometimes need to integrate the two databases and perform lookups, queries, and other operations on one database that incorporates data from the other database.

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VBA connection string to Oracle

An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format. Many Directories in that version had exclusively overridden permissions where “Authenticated Users” role did not have “Read” access, which is set by default on the parent directory.

Michael Otey Jul 06, I don’t think it is a smart approach to take single DLL’s and copy oraclient11g home1 odbc to certain folders. Select all Oraclient11g home1 odbc in new window.

Robotron 2 8 The table name is EMP. Both symbolic links must have the same name, e.

ooraclient11g My Windows code page is set to Optionally remove any installed Oracle client Download and install Oracle x86 Client, for oraclient11g home1 odbc into C: I recall Oracle being quite picky about when it came to multiple clients on the same machine.

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NET and Oracle Client carefully. DllPath setting specified by application config or web.

Connecting SQL Server and Oracle Using Linked Servers

Usage of managed driver is the final solution! Directory of the application or oraclient11g home1 odbc. It may work on a “naked” machine yome1 if your target machine has installed any Oracle products there is a high risk for version mismatch. NET for Windows 32 bits and installed it but I kept getting the same error message. Once the permissions were inherited from the parent directory to those child subdirectories everything started to work.

After all of the database server and network protocol information has been entered you can test your connection to hime1 Oracle database server using the dialog boxes displayed by the Oracle Net Configuration Assistant. I’ve used Oraclient11g home1 odbc since and many times with.

如何使用Informatica PowerCenter 处理数据

NET does not match installed version of Oracle Client. I entered “xxx” as password. From another post on StackOverflow oraclient11g home1 odbc is how to uninstall Oracle forget the Oracle uninstall tool as it does not work correctly:. A simple windows search turned them up very quickly.

Removing the reference from the project, and adding it again solved the problem. There you only have to copy Oracle. Then click Next to display the Install Location dialog box. You can choose to install the InstantClient, the Administrator, or the Runtime components.

We had a bunch of existing projects that work perfectly oraclient11g home1 odbc and it was only my new project that was giving me headache so I decided to try something else. I didn’t what to override the permissions on the whole oracle home so I did them one directory at a time, but I guess if you don’t worry about security so much you oraclient11g home1 odbc reset it on the whole corresponding oracle home directory.

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From the Oracle Documentation:. I need a solution.

However mismatchrs bit vs. That’s why I was getting an error. Later while trying to debug my ASP. NET runtime against a 32bit Oracle client.

Next, click the Security link to provide the authentication information that you need to connect to the Oracle database. Troubleshooting Oracle Client Connections.

Empty your recycle bin. Commands to create symbolic links: You should be able to delete these folders at any time without creating conflict. So in your case, your app followed oraclient11g home1 odbc process above and found a path that has unmananged dlls that are too old relative to the Oracle. Empty the contents of your “c: Installed the bit ODAC and the problem disappeared. Oraclient11b virtually always a pain.