I even hardly could shout it down. I saw the pictures of how to take apart the laptop, I removed the screw for the dvd rw and it just wont slide out of the computer, not sure if have to take apart the whole assembly to remove the dvd drive, i unscrewed it, but still it wont come out. As soon as I take the battery out, the laptop works like it should. The bigger sticker had these numbers. By the way, If I use the computer with an external monitor it works but not with the screen. I wonder what is wrong, when I tried booting it on my Ubuntu desktop.

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It appears the time required to find this positioning is changing and becoming more precise, presario f756nr the point I feel sooner or later my monitor screen will just stay black.

This jack is compatible with an AC adapter tip measuring 5. Of course, I assume your new power adapter and presario f756nr are good. Just trying to figure out where the bios chip is located exactly? The only connection is the ribbon presario f756nr and it seems to be plugged in square and straight.

I have the latest BIOS on as well. Many thanks for any helpful tips you could give! Try reinstalling the wireless card driver. I puted thermal presario f756nr between cpu and the fan.


Disconnect cooling fan from the motherboard and remove screws securing the heatsink. T tried Any other words than the above are all accepted!!!

How to disassemble Compaq Presario F – Inside my laptop

Oh yeah, my email is jesusangeles01 yahoo. Download latest version of Ubuntu and burn it on a CD.

I had a friend suggest it presario f756nr be a fuse on the motherboard? Remove it from the laptop and install back in place.

Once this happens, wait about 1 hour, i know a presaruo time, but this worksthen try the laptop presario f756nr without power cord plugged in still. Test the laptop with each memory module separately.

Presario f756nr both connections required to power the board or is only one hopefully the one on the left required. Para que sirven dos cables finos que salen al lado del power boton y siguen para presario f756nr del display de una Presario F Gracias.

Her husband had ordered a replacement battery presario f756nr also a power supply and still the same problem. If the video chip fails, prsario entire motherboard has to be replaced. I was able to secure a loose key cap when the keyboard was out. That means the inverter works properly. Does it work fine after you reconnect the battery?

The motherboard part number will look something like this: What I have not been able to do presario f756nr upgrade the hard drive. Can f76nr this small be presario f756nr and replaced?

How to disassemble Compaq Presario F700

Clean the fan and install the keyboard back in place. Step 9 says Disconnect the switch cover cable from the motherboard. The presaril WiFi quit working. If so, do you have any advice?


The disk is almost full. Helloi had a compaq pressario f and my g756nr was off. Presario f756nr only indication I get when I plug in the power supply is a little flashing light on the left front of the case [right below the lid] and presario f756nr I pust the power button a little flashing light right in the middle of the button for a few seconds but nothing else?

This will enable wireless connection and f75nr will be on all the time. What is your laptop model? Is it always a good idea to use a cooler under a laptop? I have removed all the screws around but im afraid to pry it open for presario f756nr im prying in the presario f756nr spot and will break it. In the next guide I will explain presario f756nr to access and remove the Presarko screen with inverter board.

Any idea on what the problem is? Start lifting up the switch cover as it shown on the picture below.