Some times it boots on the first try. I was watching a power point file and it just repently started going very slow, so I restarted it and it was doing the same thing, and restarted it again, but it never did. If you have any extra memory module installed, remove it and test the laptop again. GY4CT, you can find it if you Google for it. When you blow compressed air inside the fans opening on the bottom, it will go through the heatsink and should clean it. I already tried the easier things, ie driver replacement, etc.

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January 19, at 2: Other than that, it sounds like a problem sztellite the motherboard. But before i proceed, do you have any words of caution???

I was wondering how to upgrade a notebook hard drive to a bigger one, is ez-gig II notebook hard drive upgrade satellite 1415 s173 worth it? I plugged in an external monitor and see the bad Toshiba image. When you satellite 1415 s173 the BIOS, you should run the laptop from AC adapter power, because if the battery is not charged and it dies during the upgrade you might have a problem.

One particular thing is that the time never change, not even in the BIOS. From my experience I can tell that CPU failures are very rare. As soon as it gets to desktop it shuts down. Will i have to remove the CPU to clean the heatsink.

Batterie ordinateur portable

Also, I would recommend not to use a screwdriver when sateloite separate the top cover assembly from the base, because you can leave satellite 1415 s173. The new drive will be detected automatically and you can access data.

Do you satellite 1415 s173 where to get s137 restore cd for a satellite AS F2 key method Turn the computer on. I cleaned it up but it still does not work at all. Have you tried to reload Windows at all? Oh yea it works just fine plugged in. Sate,lite I think the problem was was that the thermal compound between the CPU and heat sink was bad so the heat satellite 1415 s173 was not conducting heat away from the CPU like it should have.

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Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

You have to carefully satellite 1415 s173 the CPU from the heatsink and clean it satellite 1415 s173 from the old thermal grease be careful not to bend CPU pins. My laptop does on but satellite 1415 s173 not start. I have a TE and I have this satellite 1415 s173 problem too. Will I loose all my pictures and music? Hi Alex, I do not work with Acer laptops myself, but I found one interesting website with Acer laptop service manuals.

Normally, the battery one was all the time a173, even if the laptop was off-line. Thanks, i wish to head you soon as Possible, god bless. I was wondering which one would be the best one. The fan has started running in high all the time — although sometimes it will surge from low to high but then just satllite on high. When i press power key, the power light turns on for about one second then turns off again. Most likely your search will bring you many places where you can buy a new motherboard for your laptop.

Also, take a look inside the network port. I ran some software tests and found no problems. Or you can order from toshiba for an extremely high sahellite. Remove the s1173 and replace the fan. Hi Peter, It is not enough just disable the device using device manager.

If the LED lights flicker when you wiggle the power plug, satellite the DC jack should be replaced or resoldered. If the heatsink is clogged then the satelllite rotation speed might stay on high all the time. Blow it inside the fan opening on the bottom sate,lite the laptop, so the dust goes away through the opening on the laptop side. September 8, at 8: Hello, I have satellite 1415 s173 toshiba tecra a1, satellite 1415 s173 its ben working fine until all of a sudden, i kept getting a cpu hog and shutdowns after start-up.

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Hi, Satellite 1415 s173 have a toshiba satellite AS which according to the gig sqpuads the memory that come with this computer MB is bad. I think that your fan should be replaced too. I rally doubt that your video problem is related to the battery.

Once or twice the way i pressed on the body of the laptop made the lines disappear but I could not recreate this effect and it only lasted a few minutes. HWSetup was pre-installed on all but early Toshiba notebook models. This CD is for: October 1, at 4: Also, try to download and install the latest bios satellite 1415 s173 for your satellitr because that could solve the issue.

The line sayellite to coorespond to the warmest part of the base and the bottom of the screen frame is warmest at that time. Did satellite 1415 s173 test memory modules?

Now it will not start or even acknowledge the ac power adopter. Remove hard drive and test. I have a Dell Inspiron Laptop motherboards are model-specific. Satellite 1415 s173, hard shutdown with no warning. COZ i cant find the ram slot.