Sometimes it becomes brighter as bright as it should be for a second but then becomes dim again. It lit up immediately, but started making a metallic repeating sound like a key emits when it gets accidentally pressed and remains depressed for a while. So I am gonna take a stab and figure the problem is the new laptop screen! If you are getting the same exact problem on both the internal and external screens, there could be a problem with the video card. The lcd screen now only shows resolution and will not extend over the netire I have a toshiba laptop EL working fine except there is no backlight. Can you use the laptop with an external monitor?

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Man, screens are expensive. If the graphics card is integrated into the motherboard, then it becomes the motherboard problem. What is most likely from slamming the display shut?

The model number is printed on the bottom sticker. Does it look like there is no backlight at all or it looks like the backlight works but the brightness is very low?

Toshiba drivers – Toshiba Sound Card Drivers

Enter the device manager and remove display adapter. Apparently, the new screen is Glossy and the old one was Matte. Hi, I have a Gateway Satellite m55 s135 the screen back lite flickers, dims and often goes out, you can still see whats on the screen when it goes out.

If there satellite m55 s135 no video on both the internal and external screens, check memory modules. Something is wrong with the video card. Next problem- when I turn it on with the lcd unplugged the whole screen lights up s35 but when i plug the lcd in and turn it on everything stays black.

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Again, surprise, it worked. Thanks and keep up the great work! I turned on my computer today and after 10 minutes or so — my screen started to satellite m55 s135 blank and then changing colors.

The screen kept flickering and then a lil while ago it just went satellite m55 s135 and constant flickering. I will order a known good inverter today as Satellite m55 s135 would like to keep one in stock for test purposes anyway.

If the same problem appear on both internal and external screen, your problem is related to the video card failure. I could still faintly see the image, so I know the system was still booting up. W e can satellite m55 s135 help You to teach Your equipment to work properly A couple of times, the screen went black but then it worked again when I tried s15. Do not repair it yourself, you will lose the warranty.

The invertor was getting too hot below the screen. I guess it needs some kind of feedback from the screen.

In the comment 79 you mentioned that the laptop LCD has lines of dots moving from satellite m55 s135 to bottom. The diagnostics clearly say that LCD, inverter, cable are all fine.

Screen inverter board

The satellite m55 s135 flickers and dims on the left side only. I was hoping someone here could help me? I own a Toshiba M35X- S Did you test external video? If the background is a light color it almost disappears. By the way, check out the link I posted in the comment satellite m55 s135 Can you provide the link?


The computer has never had any foreign material xatellite, dirt, etc. Is there a more direct route to your information as I found this article by accident.

You said the BIOS screen is fine, so you can satellite m55 s135 memory test. Even found there is a fuse on the circuit board but that s315 OK.

How to test screen inverter | Laptop Repair

I get up and the screen is pitch black. I am told this is due to satelllite poor connection on the ribbon cable that attaches to the actual screen — it is fixable either with a new connector, new cable, or messing around with the connections on the cable.

Anand July 5, I have a laptop where the screen comes on for seconds after boot and has a red tint satellite m55 s135 it. Let me send a pic to you and maybe you can tel me how to fix. There is only one satellite m55 s135 way to test the inverter sztellite replacing it satellite m55 s135 another one and see if the screen lights up after that.